Quarterly Bounty Report: Q4 2020


To us, "real fruit" means whole fruit, plucked from organic farms and juiced in-house by us. It's a logistical challenge and an operational feat to behold, but we're convinced that whole ingredients just taste better. Check out what we juiced in Q4 of 2020!

FRESH-PRESSED is what we do best. While some of our bright ideas may turn into more or of lessons-learned, we find the process a continual elevation in discovering new ways to efficiently produce large quantities of fresh, uncompromised juicing. Take for sample our Bosc pears from Green & Hemly Orchards, the staple of our Fall seasonal flavor, Spice Pear. The soft flesh of the Bosc Pear's provided an excellent structure to process through our juicer. One tank of Spiced Pear booch took approximately 8 to 10 hours of juicing.

SOURCING from organic and sustainable farms is not enough. If we promote organic regenerative agriculture, we must hold ourselves accountable for supporting those efforts. Our Heirloom series cultivates a collaborative effort to support regenerative agriculture and organic family farms, a percentage of every Heirloom bottle sold contributes to our growing partnership with 1% for the planet. We dedicate each flavor release to non-profits supporting regenerative agriculture.

Take a quick look at the connection we have made with our first four releases between 2019-2021:

Heirloom Kiwi x Kiss the Ground Heirloom Peach x Regenerative Organic Alliance Heirloom Sangria x Zero FoodPrint Heirloom Tangerine x Kiss the Ground Our love for fruit may be a little crazy (enough to write a report and blog). I guess you can say we are a little proud of the strides we have made to provide an un-compromised product that continues to give back full-circle. Thanks for sticking with us and helping us hold true to our ethos - BE BOLD, GIVE A SHIT, DO BETTER, OWN IT, and never forget BRING THE PARTY!

You can download our 2020 Q4 Bounty Report here.