Boochcraft is 100% Wind Powered

At Boochcraft, we're constantly looking for ways to be better stewards of the earth. From composting to advocating for regenerative agriculture, our operation has been built around the principle of "doing better" when it comes to our impact. That's why we've invested in transitioning to 100% wind-powered energy. Through our transition to wind power, we're proud to move to net zero emissions for Boochcraft operations as a whole. How Boochcraft became "Net Zero" and Wind Powered We do this through the purchasing of RECs, or renewable energy credits. Though we didn't install windmills on-site (not sure how the City of Chula Vista would feel about that), RECs are the next best thing. The purchase of RECs effectively offsets fossil fuel use in our operation through the investment in wind power, which is renewable energy. Many companies use this mechanism to "vote with their dollars" for the type of energy development they'd like to support. It's more expensive for sure, but it's a step in the right direction.

 Is a REC the same thing as an offset? In short, no. An offset is a way to support projects that reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. We measure offsets in terms of CO2 (usually metric tons). RECs are concerned with the generation of renewable energy, not the offsetting of CO2 already produced. We measure RECs in terms of the energy produced (usually in MWh). Is that confusing? It was to me, too — here's some more info directly from the EPA about RECs, as well as the difference between RECs and Offsets: RECs can be a flexible tool to help achieve clean energy goals and support the renewable energy market. Though RECs are the essential accounting instrument required for all renewable energy usage claims, regardless of how renewable energy is purchased or consumed, RECs can also be purchased separately from electricity and independently matched with electricity consumption. By purchasing RECs and electricity separately, organizations do not need to alter existing power contracts to obtain green power. Additionally, RECs are not limited by geographic boundaries or transmission constraints. For organizations with facilities in multiple states or energy grids, a single, consolidated REC procurement can be part of an organization’s strategy to efficiently meet overall clean energy goals. To put it in simpler terms: in the same way that we support regenerative agriculture by buying from farms with progressive sustainability practices, we're supporting investment in renewable energy by choosing to buy RECs from wind power. Free-Range Wind So... where does this mighty wind come from? Happy to be using some (gluten-free, vegan, free-range) wind from Ashtabula Wind Farm in North Dakota. Hopefully, we can send some Boochcraft their way to thank 'em for the clean energy! Here's some more info on RECs: From Vox: RECs, which put the "green" in "green energy", explained. From TerraPass: How do RECs work? From Second Nature: Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) Want to support your favorite wind powered drink? Find Boochcraft near you here: Try/Buy