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Heirloom Peach

ALC 7.0% VOL

In celebration of California’s organic farms, we bring you Heirloom Peach, a sun-ripened summer booch. Dreamy peaches evoke fruit-forward iced tea, gently balanced by lemons and fresh mint. We use only the juiciest peach varieties from our friends at Masumoto Family Farms, where stone fruit has inspired generations of art and literature and regenerative farming is a way of life.

Photo of Heirloom Peach

Ingredients & Nutrition

Raw kombucha, Peaches, Lemons, Mint Leaves, Yeast

  • Serving Size: : 1 bottle 22oz
  • Calories: :
  • Total Fats: :
  • Sodium: :
  • Total Carbohydrates: :
  • Sugar: :
Aroma: As far as a Boochcraft release goes, this one is pretty straightforward, but there's a complexity in the ease because it must be done right. The aroma profile is really cool because you have two heavy hitters in the peach and the mint. However, while both are heavy hitters, they should work in tandem to deliver a beautiful aroma reminiscent of fresh peach mint tea.
With the use of spearmint, the aroma should be that of the mint used in a mojito and not toothpaste. Then there should be a full flavor of the amazing ripe peaches we got from Masumoto. You can smell how amazing these peaches truly are and the incredible depth they bring to this release. The end may be a hint of lemon, which can even come across as some floral hints towards the end of the aroma profile.

Taste: The flavor profile mimics that of the aroma profile with the heavy hitters of mint and peaches. The interesting aspect of the flavor of this release is that while it smells very sweet, it is well-balanced because the lemon helps to counterbalance the sweetness of the peaches. We used a mixture of ripe and extra ripe peaches for the creation of this flavor so that the full flavor of the fruit is showcased — see if you can detect the subtleties of the changes in ripeness between the peaches in the release! -Kyle Oliver, Lead R&D Scientist