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Heirloom Sangria

ALC 8.0% VOL

Our Heirloom Series is a celebration of organic family farms in The West. Drawing inspiration from the warming yet refreshing tradition of Sangria, our third and final Heirloom release of 2020 is deeply vinous, fruit-forward, and ready to be shared around a dinner table under twinkling lights. Featuring the lovely Petite Sirah grapes from our friends at Powicana Farms, we’ve added notes of cinnamon, citrus, and American Oak for a uniquely spiced, late harvest vintage.

Photo of Heirloom Sangria

Ingredients & Nutrition

Raw kombucha, Petite Sirah Grapes, Oranges, American Oak Essence, Cinnamon, Lime Rind, Yeast

  • Calories : 192, 12oz
  • Sugars : 7g, 12oz
We can’t start off tasting notes without commenting on Heirloom Sangria’s color: one of the amazing things about petite sirah is that it has a large number of anthocyanins — compounds that help create a deep maroon/purple color. Those anthocyanins create a gorgeous deep purple color, and what would sangria be without that beautiful red color?!

The aroma profile should smell slightly of the holidays, foreshadowing what we are all going to need over the next months (more Sangria!!). You should notice notes of cinnamon and orange, a beautifully sweet and spice combination. There are also hints of lime from the lime rind, imparting a more rounded citrus profile. The undertones of this flavor come from that wine fermentation; there are deep and subtle notes from the wine ferment and some mustiness from the grapes. Here, I get some dark fruits like cherry and plum but also some lighter fruit like apple and mild darker tobacco and earthy notes. The oak comes in at the end, rounding off a slight buttery, nutty and vanilla-like tone to the aroma.

The flavor profile is similar to the aroma, however the act of fermenting the grapes becomes more apparent in the flavor. Upfront you will get the orange and cinnamon to bringing that sangria vibe. And then the wine comes into play and this is where it gets interesting. This is where that heirloom ingredient truly shines! There are notes of must, earth, tobacco, plum, and cherry, but also the tannins that petite sirah are truly known for, come out in the body of the wine. There are some bolder tannins, a drying effect you will feel on your tongue, in this because we fermented the grape juice with the skins in our secondary tank. This creates a base that is truly like wine. The last thing to notice is the oak, which helps reduce some of the harsh tannins to round off the flavor profile and brings in a nutty, vanilla, and buttery flavor to round off this release.

-Kyle Oliver
Lead R&D Scientist

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Sirah Grapes: Powicana Farm, Redwood Valley CA

Oranges: Eco Farm USA, Temecula CA