Your ideal Boochcraft flavor, according to your horoscope

Still not sure which Booch to try first? There's a flavor for every sign in the horoscope :stars: We have a HIGHLY questionable guide that our team put together during a virtual happy hour... let us know if we got yours right! Aquarius: Lemon Maple – you are drawn to the unexpected, and although people don’t always appreciate the herbaceousness of Thyme in their ‘booch, you embrace the funkiness of it. Grown-up lemonade? Yes, please! Pisces: You’ll LOVE our Liquid Art series, where our innovation team lets their imaginations run wild and the funky can art reflects our experimental roots... stay tuned ;) Aries: Watermelon Chili — a little hit of heat is exactly your jam, and you love being first in line to grab this seasonal release when it hits the coolers in May. Taurus: Heirloom Kiwi – You love the finer things in life, and you appreciate the farm-to-tank ethos of all Boochcraft flavors. In particular, you’re stoked for the Heirloom Series: single-origin organic fruit from biodynamic farms? A premium bottle with a fresh new label? Yes, please. Gemini: Although you’d probably drink anything, you tend to go for the Grapefruit Hibiscus because it’s the most popular one… just like you. Playful and curious, you’re likely to mix GHH up into a cocktail. Cancer: You love our Spiced Pear holiday seasonal because it reminds you of cozy times with friends and family. Ugh, if only it were fall RIGHT NOW! Leo: Orange Pomegranate — You’re drawn to the bold flavors and bright, red color of this unexpected ‘booch. You’ve been known to spike it with champagne because you can’t help but bring the party. Virgo: Turmeric Tangerine — you appreciate the benefits of Turmeric as a root and you already have the seasonal release schedule saved in your iCal. Libra: Ginger Lime — You can’t help but love the balance of this tart-yet-approachable ‘booch, but to be honest, it was draw of the infused rose hips that drew you in… sounds so lovely, right? Scorpio: You’re still pissed that we got rid of Grape Coriander Anise and you demand it back. Sagittarius: You've said it before and you'll say it again, you need a mixed pack of several 'booch flavors; variety is the spice of life, after all! Hopefully we’ll have something in-store for you soon... Capricorn: Apple Jasmine — it was the first Boochcraft flavor you tried (when your friends tricked you by telling you it was apple cider) and why would you mess with perfection? No need to explore when you’ve found an excellent flavor & your corner store down the street always has it in-stock. Did we get you right?