The Evolution of Boochcraft

You may have recently seen something on our page and thought to yourself, “Hey is there something different about Boochcraft?” Well, you’re not wrong. We’re taking the wraps off Boochcraft 3.0, a design update that quietly started a little over six months ago and will be rolling out between now and summer. If It Ain’t Broke...Fix It Four years in, and as an OG in the budding hard kombucha category, we’ve brought a ton of amazing people into our weird little corner of the adult beverage cooler. We’ve been fortunate to find so many amazing, loyal fans (thank YOU). But as Boochworld keeps expanding, we’ve had to keep evolving. We got real with ourselves and felt, “yeah it’s pretty good,” and “sure, it’s not broken,” which led to “how about we try that” and “maybe we could fix that.” What started as a nip/tuck operation led to a full-on WTF session. Oh, and that’s even before we mention that little problem with our Ginger and Lemon cans being nearly identical shades of yellow... Drip, Drip, Drip Part of the process were these heady, philosophical conversations asking the burning question: who are we, man? Of course sustainability, vitality, quality, and community are our raison d’etre, but in this new context, what were we missing? We got many of our best and brightest on the team into a room on a sunny afternoon, and after many, many hours, a few key threads emerged in triplicate:
  1. Fresh-pressed. Since Day 1, we have sourced and juiced whole fruit and produce into every single bottle and can of Boochcraft.
  2. We keep it real. In our certified organic traditional kombucha, we don’t use purees, concentrates, preservatives, artificial ingredients, grains, animal products, or conventional produce. Ever.
  3. No compromise. It might not be the easy way, but goddamnit, it’s the right way. We channel our innovative spirit into every facet of the company.
The our triad logo—for the geometrically inclined out there, it’s technically a trefoil—would continue to be the basis of the brand, but we had to find a way to introduce these new concepts to the visual identity of the brand. The exploration of those concepts culminated in a simple notion: The Drop. A single drop of liquid, juice squeezed straight from an organic orange, immortalizing our unpromising commitment to fresh-pressed, real fruit in every glass of Boochcraft. Be Bold, Bring the Party Our team of Boochers are insanely fun, vibrant, and unique people. We are an odd bunch, but our packaging was dare I say a And a whole lot of black and white. That’s cool and all for some brands, but we needed to liven up the party, turn up the volume, and stop looking so serious all the time. We called up our buddy Aaron Draplin, of Draplin Design Co. An iconic Portland designer known for his iconic ‘thick lines’, Draplin helped us build the foundation of something we could turn up to 11. We dove into the logo, line styles, funky colors and playful vibe. And of course, The Drop. He tore the triad logo down to its simplest geometry, and through literally hundreds of iterations, cleverly worked the drops into the negative space, and delivered a dynamic mark with infinite mojo. And as a supporting mark, the Fresh Pressed badge emerged, its single iconic drop extruded from the triad. Evolution, Not Revolution We never wanted anyone to go looking for Boochcraft on the shelf and not be able to recognize it. So evolution, not revolution—that became the driving idea. Let’s push it as far as we can without losing what makes us, us. Once we had the bones, we teamed up with the talented team over at Blindtiger Design in Seattle to bring the new triad and the drop to life in the brand identity, the packaging, and all the swaggy accoutrement that comes with it. This process is not easy. You think it’s all fun and colorful rainbows and colors swatches, but when it comes down to it, you’re talking about ordering 1.5 million cans of a single brand. We will spare you the lurid details of the spirited debates and healthy creative tension that got us where we are today, but rest assured, bruised and all the better for it, we left everything on the table. We argued passionately and tinkered over the tiniest of angles and line weights, and word choices and color palettes. Literally everything, and we mean, EVERYTHING was considered. Nothing Short of Fuck Yeah As pioneers in an emerging category, we have to be the best and truest version of ourselves, and never waver from that. Quality has always been the most important thing. We took up the gauntlet to bring the outside up to those impossibly high standards that our brew team established the quality of kombucha on the inside. With this project, Founder and CEO challenged us to reach, “nothing short of fuck yeah.” Our incomparable team, led by Brand Director, Rachel Gomez deserves credit for keeping us honest, slaying this beast, and making good on that challenge. They should be proud, because they did a great thing. Voila. After more than six months of tinkering and staring at things that 99% of people will never notice, we’re stoked to share it with you. We really really really love it, and we think you will, too. Fuck yeah.