What is Hard Kombucha Made Of?

Comparatively low in sugar, calories, naturally gluten- and dairy-free, hard kombucha is the best “better for you” beverage on the market. We might be biased, but can you blame us? As pioneers in the hard kombucha industry, we’re often asked three main questions: “What is Boochcraft made of?” How is Boochcraft made?” “What sets you apart from the rest?” Well, sit back and crack a can, because we’re about to spill the (organic) tea. 

What is Boochcraft Made Of?

Ingredients that go into our beloved Boochcraft include high-elevation black tea from China, fair trade sugar cane, herbs and spices, fresh cold-pressed fruit juice, filtered water, yeast, and SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). All certified organic, always. And that’s it! Want to know what’s creating that unique flavor profile of your favorite Booch? You can check to see exactly what combination of ingredients are added to each Boochcraft flavor by checking the back of our can or package. Don’t have any Booch on hand? Read about our ingredients on our flavors page!

How is Boochcraft made?

To put it simply, we start by adding the SCOBY to freshly brewed sweet tea to brew kombucha in a process called primary fermentation. This leaves us with a kombucha base ranging between 0.25% to as high as 3% ABV. We then perform a secondary fermentation (similar to that of beer, cider, and wine) where we add our own special yeast and some more sugar to the base kombucha, thus increasing our ABV. Finally, we add in fresh cold-pressed fruit juice to balance Boochcraft to the desired alcohol level of 7%. Want to get even deeper into the science behind Boochcraft? Check out our “Hard Kombucha, the Boochcraft Way” blog! 

What Sets You Apart from the Rest?

FRESH-PRESSED is what we do best. To us, “real fruit” means whole fruit, plucked from local, sustainable organic farms that we juice in-house. We believe our commitment to high quality organic fresh fruits and herbs is what truly sets Boochcraft apart from the rest. But sourcing from organic and sustainable farms isn’t enough for us. From various partnerships such as the Ecology Center, to our composting program, to our B-Corp certification, and beyond... Our passionate commitment to people and the planet drives us to constantly “Do Better”. And we aren't slowing down!