Boochcraft Partnerships: The Ecology Center

At Boochcraft, we work closely with partners that share similar values: our commitment to doing better for the planet, giving back to the community, and doing business in a sustainable way. As a company, we source millions of pounds of fruit, tea, herbs, and sugar to make our delicious hard kombucha what it is today. Although we buy 100% certified organic ingredients, our supply chain still takes a toll on the environment which is why we have committed to focusing our impact on supporting regenerative agriculture and limiting food waste. Food waste and conventional agricultural practices are at the root of the climate crisis. Solving problems with how food is farmed, distributed, and consumed will lead to a cleaner environment, a drawdown of carbon from the atmosphere, and a better, more healthy life for all people on the planet. 

Change Begins in our Backyard

Our partnership with the Ecology Center addresses many obstacles at hand on a local and global scale. As one of the only organic farms left in the county, the Ecology Center aims to “create lasting change in behaviors toward food and agriculture, through a process of education, mentorship, and indelible experiences.” Working closely with the Ecology Center throughout her time at Boochcraft, Abbey, our Director of Marketing, had to say: "the Ecology Center is an incredible community space and regenerative farm. As a partner of the ecology center, we have had a chance to spend time with the team and integrate into some truly amazing events. At Boochcraft, we're focused on sourcing as much locally farmed produce as possible and helping progress forward with regenerative farming practices, and the Ecology Center has made the education, experience, and understanding of regenerative farming interactive and engaging for our community in Southern California and beyond. We are looking forward to even more collaboration next year!" 

The Ecology Center Programs Highlight

Rad Traditions:

A 5-week after-school program, guided by our Grow Eat Make principles, that offers a holistic experience of The Ecology Center through the lens and tools of the farmer, the chef and the artist.

Nourishing Neighbors:

Access to healthy, nourishing food should never be an issue in a modern society. We put this belief into action by donating Regenerative Organic Certified™ produce to those facing food insecurity in our community and expanding access to the fruits, vegetables, pantry items and more in our Farm Stand.

Farm Stand:

Our Farm Stand is a resource for everyday ingredients and tools for thriving on planet Earth.

Harvest Box:

A selection of fresh, organic fruits and veggies plucked straight from the farm, equipped with delicious recipes. Pickup 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month in San Juan Capistrano at The Ecology Center.

Community Table:

This beloved event brings a renowned chef to our farm to design an ecological meal around our four seasonal rotations (market garden, milpa, berries, cover crops). Our very own Boochcraft co-founder, Adam Hiner, was once a selected chef!

Farm Apprenticeship:

Training and equipping for future farmers who aspire to change our local food system.

Seed Connection:

Free weekly offering open to anyone of any age in our community. This weekly workshop is for deepening your relationship with seeds, strengthening your knowledge about seasonal gardening, and connecting with the community over shared values to care for the planet.

Peace Pizza:

Each week, The Ecology Center welcomes our community to feast on the bounty of our bioregion.

Click HERE for a complete list of the Ecology Center’s many programs available to the public!