There’s a Booch for That: A Hard Kombucha Pairing Guide to Avoid Holiday Snafus

Our official Hard Kombucha Pairing Guide for the holidays

It’s beginning to look a lot like Aunt Marie’s launching into another politically-charged, vodka-fueled rant! Buckle up, folks, we’re in full holiday mode. We’ve collected a few tasty tips to help you sail through the holidays with your sanity in one piece and a little buzz in your belly. Enjoy our hard kombucha pairing guide so you can match your booch to the corresponding holiday behavior.

Pair Lemon Maple Thyme with checking everyone off your gift list early. Ever been to the mall on Christmas Eve? It’s horrendous. Symphonies of horns blaring in the parking lot; grandmas getting pushed out of the way for the last fleece pullover. But that’s not your jam this year. You’re already done shopping and you’re ready to swap all that societal sourness for something… fresher. We’ve got the perfect Booch for that. Bravo, buddy. Bravo.

Take a walk around the block then come home and open a Grapefruit Hibiscus Heather. is launching into the same story for the fourth time. Before your eyes roll all the way back into your head, might we suggest some fresh air? Don’t underestimate the importance of GTFO this holiday season. Stretch your legs and refresh your perspective, come home and crack a Grapefruit Booch. Let your invigorated taste buds take over and boom — you’re suddenly enthused for recital number five.

Pop a Ginger Lime Rosehips and put your phone DOWN. Nothing pairs better with a digital detox than the sharp tartness of grapefruit. That unexpected touch of heather will help you resist the pull of the gram. We promise, you’re not missing much. All the celebs are on vacation. All your acquaintances are engaged. Kombucha brands are still posting. But you? You are right here, right now. So, give total presence a shot. Embrace the crazy. Savor the flavor. Your feed will be there forever.

Toast yourself with an Orange Pomegranate Beet for all your moderation. We know, this time of year begs us to stay in our pajamas and eat all the pies. Holiday season is the perfect time to imbibe in bulk, but don’t go overboard. Your body and mind will thank you for the self control. If you lose grip a bit? No worries. Get back to basics and prioritize the core food groups, starting by drinking your fruits and veggies. Here’s to easing back into the real world, and real pants, in 2020!

Enjoy a sweet moment of You time with Apple Lime Jasmine. If you moved away from your hometown, visiting can turn into an overwhelming charade of obligation. Or, you could pop an Apple Lime Jasmine and sip on some self preservation. This is your official permission slip to be choosy with your time. Spare yourself the basement parties. Give a hard pass to the high school reunion at the dive bar. Enjoy your time the way you want to and remember to keep it light.

Friends, we hope you’re enjoying a lovely, lively season. Whatever it means to you, all of us here at Boochcraft wish you very happy holidays. We’re honored if we can help make your spirits bright in some small, bubbly way. If you’ll be traveling and need to know where you can find us, click here. If you’re road tripping and will be BYOBooch, remember to keep it cold from door to door. Cheers!