Giving Tuesday

As a proud member of 1% For The Planet, we happily donate 1% of our gross sales to worthy nonprofits that advocate for environmental stewardship in some meaningful way. Here’s how we selected two of this year’s partners: Our production team is a gaggle of obsessive mountain bikers who are passionate about preserving trails and protecting endangered flora and fauna in our local San Diego. That naturally led us to the dedicated folks at the San Diego Mountain Biking Association. Meanwhile, our sales and marketing team, filled with nature-loving campers and hikers chose the McCloud Soda Springs Restoration Project led by the Pacific Forest Trust. We’re stoked to donate $10,000 to each of these steadfast organizations. We’ll be following these teams and tracking their progress, so keep an eye on our social channels in the coming months. Remember, every Booch you drink helps to make a difference, so thank you! Learn more about our deserving friends below: The San Diego Mountain Biking Association (SDMBA): Mother Miguel & Daley Ranch Projects SDMBA is a volunteer-driven, 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining and improving sustainable trail access for mountain biking in San Diego County. SDMBA provides a unified voice for all trail users in public land-use policies favoring sustainable outdoor recreational opportunities. Volunteer liaisons, trail builders, and other advocates seek out and build unified alliances and partnerships with businesses, land managers, and communities. Part of our donation will go towards SDMBA’s Mother Miguel project (also known as Rock House) in collaboration with the US Fish and Wildlife Service. This trail is part of the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge and is a precious habitat for many endangered species of the area. The project will be a continuation of work started last year to reroute the trail up the west face of Mother Miguel to a more sustainable alignment to limit erosion and habitat loss. Signage, outreach, replanting, and strategic fencing are all part of this project. Our funding will help supply tools, equipment mobilization, staff time, volunteer support, promotion, and work expansion. Another project getting a boost is their work at Daley Ranch, owned and managed by the City of Escondido. Daley Ranch is an area ripe with recreational potential for people around the region, it just needs a little tender lovin’ care. SDMBA, in collaboration with the City of Escondido, has prioritized work for this winter season with 400 feet of trail improvements already completed. Other trails on the docket include Crest, Bobcat, Coyote, and Boulder. The restoration work will include repairing extensive erosion, creating drains to remove water from the trail surface to reduce damage, repairing banked turns, and some sustainable pruning. The payoff of all this hard work will be much more sustainable trails that will mitigate habitat loss and enhanced user experience for everyone. Pacific Forest Trust: McCloud Soda Springs Working Forest Project A 1,400-acre property in McCloud near Mt. Shasta that was once slated for residential development. In the summer of 2018, the Pacific Forest Trust acquired the property on behalf of a conservation-minded landowner and moved to permanently protect the land. Today, Soda Springs is a well-managed, bountiful forest that benefits beavers and rainbow trout among other wildlife and working people. Boochcraft’s donation will help the land-owners and PFT restore a wide variety of habitats, including beaver ponds — a crucial species to the health and vitality of our forests. While beavers build their cozy dens, they also contribute to vital wildlife habitats and water storage areas called wet meadows. Wet meadows act like big sponges that store water from winter snowmelt and slowly disperse it for more consistent water flow in the drought-prone summer and fall seasons. Our protection is desperately needed to improve the water quality of our source watersheds and strengthen the landscape’s resilience to climate change. In addition to the hands-on restoration work that our funding will support, a portion will be used for public education and outreach about the restoration efforts to encourage local engagement and support. We can't wait to check back in with our friends at these organizations in the coming weeks and months to see exactly how our donations have made a difference. Stay tuned!