Farm to Tank: Gettin' Hot in the Sonoran Desert

Next up in our Farm to Tank series, we are featuring two of our fantastic farm partners based in the Sonoran Desert. Spanning parts of Southern California, Arizona, Northwestern Mexico, and Baja California, the Sonoran is the hottest desert in Mexico and second hottest in the U.S. (*re-applying sunscreen just thinking about it*). Despite a scorching climate, the region provides an ideal habitat for cacti, shrubs, wildlife, and our main squeeze: citrus. Agropecuaria San Alberto Nestled in the heart of Northwest Mexico and bordering the Sea of Cortez is Agropecuaria San Alberto, a family-run organic farm specializing in, you guessed it, citrus. At the helm are Lorenza and German Nenninger who are two true pioneers in Mexico’s organic produce movement. Organic farming is still gaining traction in Mexico, but the Nenningers are veterans. For the past two decades, they have been growing certified organic oranges, lemons and grapefruits - all of which we are privileged to include in our Booch. What drove them to break the mold and venture into organics? A broader vision of creating a sustainable future coupled with the pure joy of harvesting the sweetest, most flavorful organic citrus on Earth. Much respect!! Armistead Family Farms If you have been to Arizona, you’ve likely seen some of the epic citrus groves studded throughout the state. At Armistead Family Farms, their groves on are another level. We’re talking 400 acres of navels, valencias, lemons, pink ruby grapefruit, and more. A family affair, The Mittendorf and Armistead families have been growing organic produce in the eastern Phoenix valley for four generations. Thomas Armistead, grandfather of the farm’s current proprietor Donna Mittendorf, planted one of the original commercial citrus groves - a crop that would become a pillar of Arizona's economy, and an essential ingredient in our Booch. In fact, every batch of our citrus flavors uses 5,000 pounds of fruit. We have a feeling we will have a lasting relationship with the Mittendorf/Armistead fam. Stay tuned for another edition where we profile the hardworking farmers behind our Farm to Tank process!