Boochcraft's Best: Our Most Popular Flavors

Over at Boochcraft we are combining two of your favorite things, delicious kombucha, and a strong drink! We work tirelessly to bring you high-alcohol kombucha that is handcrafted and brewed carefully to have the highest quality and best taste. Before we jump into our most popular flavors (and give you some insider tips on how to pair them) we want to give you some insight into the process of creating the best hard kombucha and how we go about choosing our delicious flavor combinations.  How we make it: In a traditional process, kombucha is made by fermenting tea with a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast. Commonly it is fermented with cane sugar in a fermentation process that takes about 2 weeks. We took this basic process but made it our own so we could make both delicious high-quality kombucha and a strong drink. We added in more sugar and a new strain of yeast after primary fermentation is finished. Then, the mixture is air locked in a closed fermentation tank to prevent aerobic bacteria from metabolizing the additional yeast into acids. We ferment for an additional 10 to 14 days to get our alcohol level up to 7% ABV. The result? High-quality kombucha with high alcohol levels. Yes. Please. How we choose flavors: Creating unique, delicious flavors is something we pride ourselves on. When creating flavors, we always source organically and factor in the health benefits of the potential flavor combinations. Our goal is to always create a combo that has the highest nutrient density possible. We have a dedicated brewmaster and production team who are the masterminds behind all the flavors we produce. Our top concern is quality and standing by the promise we make to our customers. We are completely organic, non-GMO, locally sourced, gluten-free, fluoride free, and chlorine free. These core values guide us in every flavor we create and ultimately push us to be more creative and innovative in our decisions. Resulting in unique flavors from a business you can trust. Take a look here for a more detailed breakdown on how we choose our flavors. Now without further ado let us introduce you to three of our most popular flavors, that truly are out-of-this-world amazing. All of these are perfect to drink on their own, but for some added fun, we are also giving you some insider tips on how to pair them or use them as an extra ingredient to spice up your recipes. Let’s do this! Grapefruit Hibiscus Heather With Grapefruit Hibiscus Heather, it is all about balance. It is the perfect blend of raw kombucha, cold pressed grapefruit juice, hibiscus, heather flower, dried ginger, and yeast. All these flavors blend together to provide a sweet yet biting profile making this flavor equal parts refreshing and tart. The taste is fantastic, but you know we are also interested in the health benefits! Grapefruit has powerful antioxidants and has been linked to improved heart health and hibiscus is known to lower blood pressure significantly. This is perfect to drink straight up or even mix into a margarita for an unexpected twist. Feeling more daring? Check out our blog that we did with Chosen Foods to see how you can incorporate this into a Mexican salad. Ginger Lime Rosehips Mix together raw kombucha, cold pressed ginger juice, cold pressed lime juice, rosehips, and yeast and you will get a flavor profile like no other. This hard kombucha is going to put a little pep in your step and lends itself nicely as an addition to most Asian cuisine. Not only does it taste fantastic, lime and ginger have positive health benefits. Ginger has been linked to treating ovarian cancer and helping prevent colon cancer, while lime has a reputation for giving a boost to your immune system. We love drinking this straight or throwing it into our favorite pad thai recipe that our friends over at Bonafide came up with. Trust us, you’ll never want pad thai without it. Apple Lime Jasmine Apple Lime Jasmine is essentially springtime perfection in a bottle. Raw kombucha, cold pressed apple juice, cold pressed lime juice, jasmine green tea, and yeast blend to form a crisp but soft taste that will easily become your new go-to drink. With all the fresh flavors in this, it takes on a cider-esq taste, making this one of our most unique flavor profiles. This hard kombucha is perfect on its own but if you are feeling a little fancy, we also love it mixed in a cocktail. Here are some of our favorite recipes, that just adds another layer of interest to this stellar mix of flavors. These are some of our tried and true flavors that have proven themselves delicious on their own or used as a supplement ingredient. While we love a classic, over at Boochcraft we also love getting creative (a little experimental too) and we are constantly coming up with new unexpected combinations to feature. Each year, we release limited flavors that are all crafted from seasonally available and organic sources. Our brewmaster and production team work tirelessly to come up with nutrient-packed flavor combinations like Watermelon Mint Chili and Tumeric Tangerine. We pride ourselves on creating the most innovative flavor profiles from the best ingredients on the market. Spring has brought us both warmer weather and a ton of inspiration. The team is working hard to create some new hard kombucha recipes that will simply blow you away. We're excited to be featuring the fun new flavors in the months to come, so be sure to keep up with us on here and our social media pages for updates. While reading this blog has inspiration struck and you have the perfect hard kombucha flavor? Head over to our Instagram page and leave us a comment on our latest post or send us a DM. This is a collaborative effort and we love hearing from you!