Boochcraft Deconstructed: How We Choose Our Flavors

Curious about how our Brewmaster creates the award winning Boochcraft high alcohol kombucha flavors? Turns out, our process is not as cut-and-dry as you’d imagine. There are several factors that influence how we come up with our unique flavor combinations, and we spend a considerable amount of time prepping and testing flavors before they ever make their way into a bottle of bubbly Boochcraft.

Boochcraft Deconstructed: How We Choose Our Flavors - Boochcraft

First things first, it’s important to know that our flavors are all crafted from seasonally available and organic sources. This makes planning somewhat of a challenge, as we need to ensure that the flavors we ultimately decide to go with are available long enough to produce and sell. Challenge accepted – our team would never compromise quality for convenience.

Our brewmaster and production team are responsible for the initial steps of ingredient research and sourcing. This requires us to thoroughly research which seasonal, organic produce is available at any given time. Secondly, our team factors in the health benefits of the desired ingredients for our flavor combinations. We opt for flavor combinations that have the highest nutrient density possible, guaranteed.

Boochcraft Deconstructed: How We Choose Our Flavors - Boochcraft

We have an uncompromised commitment to quality and all of our ingredients are organic and non-gmo, so you don’t have to worry about consuming pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Some may think that our process is excessive, but we started Boochcraft with the intention to create the highest quality, healthiest buzz on earth – and we stand by that commitment everyday.

Once our brewmasters and production team come up with the flavor profiles, they undergo a rigorous quality control method. This prevents any unexpected issues or challenges from arising when brewing the perfect hard kombucha flavor.

Boochcraft Deconstructed: How We Choose Our Flavors - Boochcraft

In addition to our brewmasters, the employees at Boochcraft also have the option to submit requests for flavors! At our Boochcraft headquarters in San Diego, we encourage submissions from our employees. It’s important to our company culture to have open dialogue and to consider the suggestions from the people who live and breathe our company mission. Collaboration breeds powerful results, and we’re proud to be an organization whose foundation is built on teamwork.

Boochcraft Deconstructed: How We Choose Our Flavors - Boochcraft

Out of all of our incredible flavor combinations, we have to say that the Grapefruit Hibiscus Heather and the Apple Lime Jasmine are among the most popular. If you haven’t had a chance to browse all of the unique flavors that we currently have available, check out our flavors page!

Are you a Boochcraft fanatic and are interested in suggesting your own flavor combination? Head over to our Instagram page and leave us a comment on our latest post or send us a DM. We love hearing from you!

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