Better for you Alcohol

Picture this: it’s a beautiful, sunny Saturday. You and your friends want to take advantage of the weather and decide to throw a barbecue. Food is plentiful, music is bumping, and drinks are certainly flowing. Life is good! But that next morning, it hits. The headache, the nausea, the brain fog. It’s the dreaded hangover. Chances are, we’ve all experienced at least one (unless you’re superhuman). Hear us out- what if there was a better way to drink? Que Boochcraft, made with REAL fruit and always FRESH. Only the BEST for our Boochies. 

Why Boochcraft?

Now you might be wondering why and how a 7% ABV hard kombucha should be your drink of choice when choosing a better-for-you beverage, and we’re here to provide some insight.

We use REAL fruit, juiced in-house.

To us, “real fruit” means whole fruit, from organic farms, juiced in-house, by us. Why REAL fruit and whole ingredients? Because it tastes better! For example, Dan, our professional Fruit Tester (Procurement Specialist) sought out the perfect watermelons for our seasonal Watermelon Chili Booch. He proceeded to taste test each watermelon prior to juicing to ensure they exceeded our every single sip is more refreshing than the last. 

No added sugars.

Sugar is a necessary ingredient in hard kombucha because our SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) ferments the sugar in our tea to produce ethanol- a fancy word for alcohol. Then, the bacteria kicks in and turns the ethanol into acetic acid, which is where that classic kombucha taste comes from. Too much science? NEVER Though Boochcraft can have between 1 to 13 grams of sugar, (with our 12oz Ginger Lime only containing 1g!), Booch still has a much lower sugar content than most alcoholic drinks on the market. For comparison, one ounce of liquor can have up to 10 grams of sugar in it, while a mixed drink can have a sugar content as high as 30 grams. Yikes. Alcohol keeps your liver from releasing glucose which regulates your internal blood sugar. Drink enough sugary alcohol and you could end up suffering from hypoglycemia. That's why you sometimes wake up feeling shaky and out of sorts after a night of drinking! So, what are you waiting for? Kick back, relax, and enjoy some Boochcraft. You’ll thank yourself tomorrow!