What Does REAL and FRESH Mean to Boochcraft? 

Deception runs rampant in the food and beverage industry with so many products boasting seemingly healthy labels like “natural flavor” and “made with real fruit.” Did you know that “natural flavoring” isn’t actually natural and “made with real fruit” often translates to fruit juice concentrate?! No thanks. Our core values were created around doing what’s best for both people AND the planet, so it should come as no surprise that we only source the highest quality, local, and organic produce for our hard kombucha. That’s right, we use FRESH, cold-pressed fruits and botanicals. To us, “real fruit” means whole fruit from organic farms, juiced in-house by none other than our juicing team in Chula Vista, Ca. It’s a logistical challenge and an operational feat to behold, but we’re convinced that our use of whole ingredients is what makes Boochcraft worth the squeeze. 

Why are some of your favorite flavors not available year-round?

Seasonality isn’t a secret at Boochcraft which means our flavors are created around when the fruit is available and at its peak ripeness. There’s a reason we reiterate that some of our flavors are here for a good time, not a long time. Have you ever consumed a watermelon in winter, and it tastes like, well...water? That’s because the peak season for delicious watermelon is during late spring and summer. We pride ourselves on being the BEST hard kombucha which means we take the utmost pride in the quality and flavor of our Booch. So, just as fruit goes in and out of season, we rotate certain flavors in alignment with the seasonality. 

A Moment for our Farms

One of our many favorite local farms to source our delectable fruits from is JR Organics Farm. JR Organics has been a CCOF certified organic farm since 1986, after Joe Jr. Experienced health problems related to the chemicals found in pesticides. Joe Jr. was able to successfully regenerate the entire farm into a certified organic, full-service, sustainable, composting, soil regenerative operation! Impressive right? With our non-negotiable commitment to responsibly grown produce, it’s farms with compassion like JR Organics that turn our dreams into a reality at Boochcraft. Check out our team's adventure to the farm to scout the perfect



Organic all the way

It’s no secret that buying organic has its benefits and doesn’t have to break the bank! Local farms like our friends at JR Organics offer produce boxes straight from the farm which cuts out the middleman and ensures peak freshness. Learn how you can become a CSA box subscriber, host a pick-up location, or find JR Organics at your local farmers market.

Our Promise

There’s nothing quite like the original, and as the original Hard Kombucha brewery (like…ever), we hold ourselves to the highest standard. That means we’re committed to fresh-pressing organic juice in-house, remaining unpasteurized to maintain those naturally occurring live cultures, implementing rigorous quality assurance checkpoints, and of course, brewing sustainably. So, if you ever receive something less than the absolute best, we will make it right. Just reach out and let us know. We stand by our process, our product, and our commitment to quality.