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There’s nothing quite like the original, and as the original Hard Kombucha brewery (like…ever), we hold ourselves to the highest standard.

That means we’re committed to fresh-pressing organic juice in-house, remaining unpasteurized to maintain those naturally occurring live cultures, implementing rigorous quality assurance checkpoints and of course, brewing sustainably (we’re talking over 1M pounds of composted fruit last year!).

Why this obsession with quality? Isn’t it obvious – for the best tasting Booch around.

The Good Stuff.

Seasonal, Fresh-Pressed Juice

Because we take our cues from the real, whole ingredients that set our kombucha apart, our products change with the seasons – just like fruit crops. While we do our absolute best to ensure consistency in every batch brewed, the beauty of real fruit means some cans of the same flavor maybe have sweeter orange or extra tart pomegranate, but we think it’s a pleasant (and delicious) reminder that there’s real, seasonal fruit in that can.

Must Stay Cold

Boochcraft is alive. That’s right. We’re one of the few Hard Kombucha brands that have stayed true to ensuring our beverages remain unpasteurized to contain those live cultures that makes Kombucha, Kombucha. What happens when it gets warm? Warm kombucha will begin to ferment again as the yeast and healthy bacteria eat any residual sugar in the booch, thus creating more CO2 inside the can until it can barely contain it (cue tiny booch volcanoes)!

The Humans behind the Brew

Boochcraft booch is made with real ingredients, by real humans! Not just any humans, but booch-loving, science-driven, quality-obsessed, awesome humans.

Nic Springer

Quality Assurance
(aka: The Gate Keeper)

Favorite Flavor: Spiced Pear

Jordan Brillantes

Cellar Lead
(aka: Professional Booch Taster)

Favorite Flavor: Passionfruit Blood Orange

Matt Ibarra

Packaging Lead
(aka: Packaging Lead 😉)

Favorite Flavor: Orange Pomegranate

Our Promise

We strive to bring you the best tasting Boochcraft every time. We know that we haven’t been perfect in the past, but that helped us build this intensive quality control procedure. We’re pretty proud of it actually, because the first year we started, we all took a swig of the Booch from the tank on the day of packaging, looked at each other with approving eyes, and just went for it. So we’re calling this growth.  However, as with all things, we are not perfect and mistakes do still happen. So, if you ever receive something less than the absolute best, we will make it right. Just reach out and let us know. We stand by our process, our product, and our commitment to quality.

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