Community-Powered Regeneration

Celebrating Regenerative Community

The immense challenges we face today call for the strengthening of community and collaboration to create a collective future. A critical step towards the regeneration of our systems is to heal and strengthen our relationships between people and place. This starts by honoring those who came before us and the cultural and relational wisdom from which we build our foundation. Boochcraft and Asha Apothecary have joined forces to support Kiss the Ground and bring regenerative approaches to everything from agriculture to business. The contemporary regenerative movement has its roots in diverse indigenous practices where everything from language to land stewardship emerged as mediums intricately tied to ‘place’. You can learn more about how traditional ecological knowledge lies at the base of regeneration through the amazing film Gather. "Regeneration is much more than a set of tools. It is a holistic and community-centric approach that helps to reframe problems into potential."

When applied to land stewardship, regenerative agriculture implements a system of methods that regenerates the land through building healthy carbon-capturing soil, bolstering biodiversity, producing nutrient-rich food, and strengthening local communities. For over a decade, Kiss the Ground has created a thriving regenerative community through deep regenerative programs for everyone from city dwellers to farmers. It is going to take a dedicated village to grow the regenerative movement, which is why collaboration and support are so important. Boochcraft and Asha Apothecary are honored to work with 1% For the Planet and Kiss the Ground to donate a portion of sales to the Kiss the Ground Farmland Program. This program is dedicated to providing comprehensive training and support for farmers seeking to build healthy soils and practice regenerative agriculture. But it is so much more than that. Since regeneration centers on strengthening relationships, Kiss the Ground is deepening its work to heal and regenerate communities nationwide with a particular lens in growing equity. You can learn more through their amazing, award-winning film Kiss The Ground Boochcraft makes organic hard kombucha with fresh-pressed juice. They are passionate about kombucha but even more so about their supply chain. The farmers who grow the fruit that makes Boochcraft so special are really the stars of the product. All of Boochcraft impact dollars go to support farmers to transition to regenerative practices through non-profit organizations like Kiss the Ground. For the Heirloom Tangerine Boochcraft sourced all of the fruit from La Vigne Organics in San Diego County where they are certified organic and biodynamic and have many regenerative practices. It is their hope that one day all food will be grown regeneratively.

“Through the love for community-powered regeneration, Boochcraft came together with Asha Apothecary through the 1% For the Planet community to grow the regenerative movement.”

The Asha Apothecary collective of scientists and designers are passionate about bringing regeneration and education to the burgeoning hemp industry. Hemp (and more broadly, Cannabis) has a culturally rich but tumultuous history where it was once used worldwide for everything from paper to textiles to food but was then made illegal through a racially charged agenda. Now, we have a momentous opportunity to connect many communities back to plant-based remedies through spiritual and equitable means. Asha Apothecary co-founders and husband and wife duo also integrate Kiss the Ground curriculum at the Regenerative Studies Institute at Cal Poly Pomona supporting a diverse student body in growing the movement. You can learn more about Asha’s business practices and other regenerative efforts here. The road to regeneration can be long and winding, especially if taken alone. That’s why we at Boochcraft, Asha Apothecary, Kiss the Ground, and 1% For the Planet know that growing communities through shared values and positive action is our best approach to heal and strengthen our connections with each other and the places we call home. Nathan Walworth, Chief Scientific Officer Asha Apothecary Adam Hiner, Community Impact | Co-Founder Boochcraft