Is Hard Kombucha a Healthier Way to Get a Buzz

At one point or another everyone comes to the realization that they need to make healthier life decisions. Of course, the process is tedious and it doesn’t happen overnight, but slowly you start leaving your bad habits behind and you feel better for it. That is, except for the awful fact that consuming wine and beer isn’t actually good for you. That right there is a tragic and unfair truth of life. So what is one to do? Life, after all, is short, and why deny yourself the divine pleasure of getting a buzz. But on the other hand, if you aren’t healthy and constantly mistreat your body, your life is going to be well…shorter. Luckily we are presenting you with a third option here, a win-win that provides the health benefits of kombucha, but also get a little tipsy every now and then. The solution is an organic, nutrient-packed, hard kombucha. Oh, and did we mention each bottle has an alcohol level up to 7% ABV, that’s about the same as your average IPA. What Exactly IS Hard Kombucha? Let’s get some of the basics out of the way and break down how we make our high alcohol kombucha. First thing you need to know is what kombucha is. Kombucha is a fermented tea made with a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast. It is typically fermented with cane sugar in a fermentation process that takes about 2 weeks. In the end, you are left with a slightly bubbly, tangy tasting drink that is packed full of beneficial bacteria and probiotics which is said to help with digestion and immune function. Most kombucha only has small traces of alcohol, but let’s be real that is way less fun. So the genius behind what we are doing over here at Boochcraft all comes from one additional step we add during our fermentation process. To make high alcohol kombucha, we add more sugar and a new strain of yeast after primary fermentation is complete. After that, the mixture is air locked in a closed fermentation tank to prevent aerobic bacteria from metabolizing the additional yeast into acids. After a quick 10-14 day fermentation period we are left with an alcohol boosted kombucha. The Benefits Of Hard Kombucha The best part about replacing your beer and wine with alcoholic kombucha is that you are going to be getting some of the benefits of kombucha in addition to a buzz. "Maria Zamarripa, a Denver-based registered dietitian, says kombucha and its beneficial probiotics can support gut health, but she stresses that the drink is not a substitute for a healthy diet" ( Other forms alcoholic beverages simply can't compete is this arena. You will be getting a buzz while pumping your body full of kombucha, it is essentially multitasking.

So Is It Actually Healthier? In the end, it boils down to a yes and a no. Kombucha is believed to have health benefits, but alcohol is still involved and therefore it should be consumed responsibly and moderately. Dana Hunnes, senior dietitian at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center has spoken on the subject and said the following: “…while traditional kombucha may have some health benefits, including the probiotic and active cultures, there are some studies that indicate that kombucha potentially could harm the liver or kidney, which would be related to the fermentation of the product, possibly because it’s a different type of fermentation/yeast than that found in other products (beer, for example). In terms of some of the other ingredients, sure, they’re traditionally used as anti-inflammatories in Eastern medicine and ayurvedic and Indian medical traditions but that in and of itself doesn’t make something ‘healthy’ once taken out of the context from how it’s traditionally prepared. So while all of the ingredients in these products are ‘healthy,’ I’d also say it’s better to eat or drink them whole in their natural form.” So the bottom line is that while drinking alcohol is never going to be fantastic for your health, if you are going to do it, then you might as well choose one with the benefits of kombucha. Flavor Options Another exciting thing about switching over to high alcohol kombucha is the vast variety of flavors you get to sample. Leave behind the standard boring flavors of beer and wine and jump into a world of more complex flavor profiles. There is everything from tried and true classics like Apple + lime + Jasmine to more unique and daring flavors like Watermelon + Mint + Chili. Drink them straight up, mix them in cocktails, or even cook with them. The options are limitless for hard kombucha.

Why Boochcraft So now that you know a little bit more about hard kombucha you need to decide which brand to support. We know you have options when shopping for your hard kombucha but over at Boochcraft we brew with an uncompromising commitment to quality and taste, using only the finest fair trade and organic ingredients. We make it a point to work directly with farmers to ensure our ingredients are always organic, fresh, and full of flavor. We are a part of the product from start to finish. All of our ingredients are locally sourced and we keep our flavors designed with seasonally fresh-pressed juices. Our hard kombucha is gluten-free, fluoride and chlorine free and we are locally owned and operated here in San Diego. We hope you give us a try. Cheers! Keep up with the latest Boochcraft news, recipes, and inspirations by following along with our blog and Instagram!