Boochcraft's Spring Cleaning Guide to Optimal Living

Spring means new beginnings almost as much as January does. Winter is over, and life is in bloom. This perhaps can be overshadowed by change and the dreaded spring cleaning. Why dread making your life more optimal though? We have some super simple tips on how to Spring Clean efficiently, effectively, and at your own pace. We suggest taking it room by room. It's 2019, we are all busier than humans have probably ever been. Give yourself a week to accomplish each room. If you're like most of us and live in tiny places in California, a week per room should be more than enough time. When you finish reading this, head over to our blog for Toxic-Free Cleaning Products You Can Make at Home!


-Wash the exterior of cabinets, handles, appliances, and floors. -Open the fridge and throw out expired items and items that no longer serve you. -Using toxic-free cleaning products, clean all food spills and crumbs from inside of the fridge. -Open the pantry and toss anything that is expired or stale. -Transfer pastas/nuts/seeds into glass reusable jars. -Dust inside all cupboards, especially inside pantry and dish cupboard.


-Disinfect door handles, wash floors, toilet, sink, and tub. -Combine eucalyptus essential oil and water in a small spray bottle to use as a natural air freshener. -Take everything out of your medicine cabinet/cupboard and toss anything you haven't used in the last year. -Clean the area where you keep your toothbrush and floss.

Living Room

Why is bathroom and bedroom one word, and living room is two? Anyways... -Consider purchasing battery operated candles. Wax candles emit fumes/smoke into the air that settles on the ceilings, walls, and clings to nearby fabric for good. You'll then be breathing in these fumes indefinitely. -Dust behind couches, pull out furniture to get dust that has settled throughout the year. -Vacuum coach cushions and underneath cushions to get any crumbs or hair. -Remove window drapes and throw them in the dryer for at least 20 minutes to kill dust mites. -Wash tables and chairs including tops, sides, and legs.


-If you have a ceiling fan or any bedside fan, dust it thoroughly. -Throw comforter in the dryer for at least 20 minutes to kill dust mites and any musty smells. -Clean bedside tables both on top, behind, and the sides. Dust can collect here, causing sleep disruption and allergies. -Wash mattress pad and sheets.


-Sweep the porch, which means behind benches, chairs, and plants. -Reorganize any outdoor plants and decor. Plants aren't made to last forever, it's ok. -Clean the welcome mat outside your front door and replace if necessary.

Helpful Hints

We recommend keeping a cleaning caddy if you will, in every room of your home. This way, cleaning doesn't seem so daunting. In the bathroom, keep a caddy under the sink or in the cupboards. In the kitchen, bedroom, and living room, do the same. This way when you go to clean, it's not a matter of tracking down the supplies in order to even get started. It also helps, to drink a Boochcraft along the way because who doesn't want to enjoy a little probiotic buzz while you're hard at work?