2019 Festival Essentials: Everything You'll Need for Coachella + More

Festival season 2019 means it's time to ditch those played-out flower crowns! They've become so cliche'--we heard if you show up with one they may deny you at the gate. Welcome this festival season with your most authentic self, bringing functionality over form. We've compiled a list from avid festival goers who say these things rank highest at the top.

Hydration Pack & Drinking Tube

Probably the most important thing you can bring. Yeah, it may not go with your outfit but you will be the most happily hydrated person at the festival. It allows you to be hands free and take small sips of water throughout the day which is recommended because it ensures that the water gets absorbed efficiently and prevents any splashing sensation in the stomach. It's always a good idea to bring extra bite valves too in case you lose yours or it ends up in the dirt (which happens more often than not). Fill up your reservoir every morning before you head out for the day--you'll not only save money on water bottles, but you won't be contributing to the overconsumption of plastic. The oceans will thank you. We recommend Source Outdoor Widepac Hydration System with Helix Bite Valve as its BPA and Phthalate free with GrungeGuard Technology (goodbye bacterial growth!).


Sunglasses are great. Sunscreen, also necessary. But a parasol (sun umbrella) is key. It gives you the ability to have shade everywhere you go. No desperate shade searches, or clunky battery operated fans necessary. The parasol will keep you significantly cooler all day. It will also prevent people from stepping on your toes since, they'll poke themselves with your umbrella before they'll get the chance. We recommend using your rain umbrella if you have one laying around, otherwise kid's umbrellas work great or attend your local swap meet!

Ear Plugs

If you don't want to be hard of hearing when you're older, these are probably a good thing to remember. Sure it seems dorky, but dorky is in if it means being able to hear well for the rest of your life. Bring extras for your friends who will most likely be jealous. They also come in handy when/if for some reason you go to bed before everyone else!


The multi-faceted handkerchief can be used for many things: on your head to keep your hair back; around your neck to shield the sun; over your mouth and nose to protect yourself from inhaling too much dust; and in your pocket to wipe your sweat or your nose. Bring a variety of them so you can use them for different purposes--because you probably won't want to use the same one you blow your nose with, on your head.

Comfy Shoes

Festivals represent connection. How are you going to feel connected if your poor feet are hurting all day? In choosing the perfect festival shoe, go with something with minimal heal, yet still stylish and photo worthy. We suggest a flat boot, sneaker, or slip on. Steer clear of flip flops since most likely your feet will get filthy and stepped on. We love Simple Shoes for their clean, simple trendy designs and because they continue to push forward with recycled materials and responsible manufacturing.

Day Bag

Chances are you're going to be living in the moment, not wanting to feel much responsibility (to keep track of anything can be a burden!). Bring a functional yet fun day pack to put all of the above items in. We recommend a back pack situation so you can be hands/arms free while dancing, as well as be more ergonomic. You don't want to be bogged down by too much, and put your foot down to friends who ask you to hold their shit all day. Check out Cotopaxi, their bags are fire and "We’re into funky; we’re into recycled; we’re into treating those who sew our products with respect." As a certified B Corporation, they also put 1% of profits toward addressing poverty and supporting community development. LEGIT!


Probably the most underrated but crucial item: a headlamp. Try going into a porta-potty without one and you'll soon discover the importance. Also comes into play when you're digging around in your bag and can't find what you're looking for. In addition to the trusty head torch, don't forget decorative lights to string around your backpack, waist, in your hair, etc. Think LED's, firefly lights-- avoid single use throw aways and get something quality that will last and you can re use. Get creative and light yourself up- it's much safer and you'll look great too.

Respect, Love, and Boochcraft

It goes without saying that Boochcraft would be the beverage of choice: you'll be getting your probiotics and cold pressed juices as well as getting a nice little kombucha buzz. Plus, our single serving cans will be available in April! Our motto is "Enjoy the party AND the day after", which is crucial when attending a weekend long festival. Make every day count. With that comes respect for yourself & others, and sharing love with your fellow festival goers. Cheers to a joyous 2019 festival season!