Boochcraft Spring Cocktail Guide

Spring is in the air, friends. The days are getting longer, the sun is shining brighter, and we’re craving simple and fresh cocktails to cool us down all season long. Turns out, pouring yourself a refreshing drink doesn’t have to require a mixology class or a ton of effort. In fact, these easy Boochcraft Kombucha cocktails are a better for you alcohol alternative that you can enjoy any time of year.

Grab your favorite Boochcraft flavors and a shaker, you’re not going to want to skip out on these.

When The Beet Drops   A little effort goes a long way. This Boochtail is worth it, every time. A little earthy, a little sweet, and feels good to drink? Sign us up! Perfect for outdoor brunching on a sunshiny day. 1.5oz Tequila .5oz Cointreau .5oz Beet juice .5oz Lemon Juice .25oz Celery juice .25oz Carrot juice -Shake, strain over fresh ice -Top with approx 2.5oz Grapefruit + Hibiscus + Heather Boochcraft -Add Cilantro garnish A Rose By Any Other Name   A perfectly elegant pink drink. So light and sophisticated with floral citrus notes. 1.25oz Gin .5oz Rose liqueur .25oz Lillet Blanc .25oz Lemon juice -Shake, Strain into martini glass with no ice -Top with approx 2.5oz. Grapefruit + Hibiscus + Heather Boochcraft -Fresh Rose petal to garnish Smoke Signal  Smoky and floral. Bold & beautiful. This will warm you up from the gray & gloom of May & June 1.5oz Mezcal .5oz Jasmine liqueur 2 dashes Angostura bitters -Stir with ice, strain over large cube -Top with approx 2.5oz Apple + Lime + Jasmine Boochcraft -Edible flower garnish Spring Picnic Fruity, but not too sweet, with slight nutty notes. Light & refreshing. Great while lounging by the pool or garden sipping Muddled 1 large Strawberry & 2-3 Mint Leaves 1.75oz Dark Rum .25oz Lemon juice 3 drops Almond extract Shake, strain over fresh ice -Top with approx 2.5oz Ginger + Lime + Rosehips Boochcraft -Strawberry garnish If you love these Spring Kombucha Cocktail recipes, check out more of our Boochtail recipe guides! Holiday Boochcraft Cocktails Fall Boochcraft Cocktail Recipes Refreshing Boochcraft Cocktail Recipes Want to be the first to know about new flavors and emerging markets? Sign up for our e-newsletter!