Boochcraft Nutrition: What's Inside Our Hard Kombucha?

Here at Boochcraft, the back of the can is just as important as the front. Our hard kombucha is organic, gluten-free, vegan, and low in caffeine - I mean, what more can you ask for? How about knowing all ingredients are sustainably sourced, grown in organic regenerative farms, and fresh-pressed directly in-house. Learn why Boochcraft takes pride in showcasing what's inside every can of booch!

A New Wave of Conscious Drinking, Knowing What's Inside your Drink.

There seems to be a common protocol for our health-conscious peeps when it comes to purchasing a food product:
  1. Find the product in which you seek
  2. Scanning the ingredient list on the packaging
  3. Neurotically studying the nutrition facts
Why doesn’t this apply to alcoholic beverages? While we have the protection of FDA guidelines to regulate the production of food, alcohol falls under the regulations of the Alcohol and Tabacco Tax and Trade Bureau. The TTB does not require alcohol companies to list nutritional facts on their products or websites. In hindsight - the knowledge behind alcohol labeling is just quite not there, YET. If we factor in the lack of labeling and the ever-escalating use of green labels (see our article on Green Washing), the consumer is facing a stark path in knowingly drinking with their health in mind. We have banned with our fellow health-nuts and have taken a stance on conscious drinking, we want to educate, enlighten, and provide only the real stuff. At Boochcraft, we promise to never keep those secrets from you - we care what you put into your body and want you to know what you're consuming. Every batch of Boochcraft’s hard kombucha guarantees:
  • All produce is sourced during the season, from certified sustainable organic farms, and if we can - we will keep it local.
  • Raw kombucha with live probiotics.
  • Fresh-pressed juice pressed directly in our brewery (No concentrates or added conservatives).
  • 100% USDA certified organic, gluten-free, and vegan!

Get the Details on your Favorite Core Flavors

Apple Jasmine Ingredients: raw kombucha, cold-pressed apple juice, cold-pressed lime juice, jasmine green tea, yeast 12 oz serving | Calories: 180 | Sugars: 11 g Ginger Lime Ingredients: raw kombucha, cold-pressed ginger juice, cold-pressed lime juice, rosehips, yeast 12 oz serving | Calories: 150 | Sugars: 5 g Grapefruit Hibiscus Ingredients: raw kombucha, cold-pressed grapefruit juice, hibiscus, heather flower, dried ginger, yeast 12 oz serving | Calories: 165 | Sugars: 9 g Lemon Maple Ingredients: raw kombucha, cold-pressed lemon juice, pure maple syrup, thyme, yeast 12 oz serving | Calories: 140 | Sugars: 7 g Orange Pomegranate Ingredients: raw kombucha, cold-pressed orange juice, cold-pressed pomegranate juice, beetroot powder, wine vinegar, rosemary, yeast 12 oz serving | Calories: 170 | Sugars: 9 g

A Little Bit on Caffeine

Though most of the black tea is consumed by the SCOBY before the final product, there are small amounts of caffeine remaining. A 12 oz serving has approximately 21 mg caffeine (which equals about 3 sips of black tea). To put it into perspective, a cup of coffee has about 200 mg per serving. This product is perishable, so must be kept cold! Those living probiotics don't like to be warmed up.

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