Booch Floats Are A Thing

As our Indian Summer here in SoCal approaches, we are craving all the cold treats. Insert: one of the best beverage-dessert combos out there...Booch & ice cream. Yep, we sub classic root beer for the best bevy around to create a series of boozy Booch Floats. And they are fire.

One-Minute Recipe:

For each of the below, combine 6-8 ounces of Booch with 1-2 scoops of ice cream. Enjoy with a straw, spoon, or straight from the glass.

Orange Pomegranate Beet + Vanilla Ice Cream

Takes like: a creamsicle. OPB Booch + a scoop of simple, but delicious Vanilla Island vegan ice cream from Coconut Bliss = a match made in heaven.

Ginger Lime Rosehips + Coffee and Vanilla Ice Cream

Takes like: a dirty chai. New Barn's almond and coconut milk ice cream in Coffee Bean is our favorite for this creation. Add a scoop of vanilla to enhance the chai flavor.

Lemon Maple Thyme + Coconut Ice Cream

Takes like: party in your mouth. We recommend the creamy, dreamy vegan Naked Coconut flavor from Coconut Bliss.