10 Ways you can Help Save Your Local Beaches This Summer

We love walking along the beach as much as the next person, but looking around and seeing the growing amount of trash in certain spots is awful. Scientists estimate that nearly 8 million metric tons of plastic is entering our ocean every year and it will continue to cause major damage to our ecosystem without help. Here are ten easy ways you can help alleviate the waste problem at your local beaches this summer. 1. Reduce Your Use of Plastic Products. There are tons of sustainable, reusable products out there to take the place of your water bottles, grocery bags and food storage containers. We love Stasherbags and Ekobo for kitchen storage containers. Make sure to recycle whenever possible and never leave your trash behind. 2. Mind Your Carbon Footprint. You can actually reduce the effects of climate change by simply being conscious of your energy use at home and work and leaving your car behind whenever possible. Instead of driving to the beach, choose to go on your bike, scooter or skateboard. Opt to carpool, walk or take public transportation. Make some new friends!  3. Don’t Smoke Cigarettes. We hope this one goes without saying, but if you do choose to smoke, don’t do it at the beach and always throw away your trash. Cigarette butts are one of the leading ocean pollutants and just one single piece can cause damage, including spreading toxic chemicals around our ocean, which harms and often times can kill fish and other marine organisms. 4. Choose Sustainable Seafood Choices. If you eat seafood, make smart, sustainable choices to help make a difference for our oceans. Overfishing is incredibly damaging to our ecosystem and when one species becomes endangered or extinct, it affects all the animals that prey on that species, and then the animals that prey on those, and so on. Overfishing can ultimately reduce the fish species available and cause harmful health issues to the existing species that you might end up eating. Do your research, don't be afraid to ask questions and eat sustainable fish at home and at your favorite restaurants. 5. Clean up After Your Pets. You should clean up after your pets everywhere you go, but this makes an especially big difference on our local beaches. Your pet’s waste will eventually make its way to the ocean and can make both marine life and humans very sick. We aren’t just talking about their bodily waste here though; be mindful of your pet’s food, treats, toys and poop bags - all of those can make their way into the ocean and cause damage to the eco-system.  6. If You Pack it in, Pack it out. Every single thing you bring with you to the beach needs to go back home with you. All of your trash, supplies, food and beverages should not be left at the beach or they will go straight to the ocean causing years of destruction. Even better, if you see someone else left their trash behind, do our ecosystem a solid and pack that up, too. Set the example and others will start to follow - it's an easy way to make a major impact on our planet. 7. Set up a Beach Cleanup. Get together some friends and head down to the beach to pick up trash. It's something here at Boochcraft we do on the reg. Make it fun by bringing music, snacks and beverages (ahem, Booch! And in eco-friendly containers). You can even turn it into a full beach day and bring games to enjoy after the cleanup. You and your friends will be amazed at how much trash you find in a short amount of time.  8. Practice Safe Ocean Tips. If you enjoy playing in the ocean, do so safely! Be a respectful surfer, boater or kayaker by never throwing anything overboard in order to protect the marine life. If you are interested in taking a cruise, look into eco-friendly cruises and research your options in order to make a difference.  9. Support Organizations That Make a Difference. Everyday you have the power to choose what to spend your money on, so find and support organizations that fight to protect ocean habitats and marine wildlife by making sustainable choices. If you enjoy drinking alcohol, consider grabbing a Boochcraft, which is a leader in the better-for-you alcohol category and is made sustainably and with the highest quality ingredients. Go the extra mile by reusing your bottle. 10. Educate Yourself. Research the ocean policies of public officials before you vote and consider contacting your local representatives and let them know that you think it is important to support marine conservation projects. Support businesses that make sustainable choices and voice your opinion to help educate more people about the issues you are passionate about. The more you learn about our amazing ecosystem, the more you will want to protect it. By spreading the word and putting those words into action, we can truly make a difference together. There are so many things we can do to help our local beaches, and most of them are so easy to do! Make sure to always support sustainable companies and reuse your bottles/containers as long as possible. Learn all about how we make a difference in our community by making sustainable choices here. Every little bit makes a big impact.