The Boochcraft team is blazing the trail with California’s very first hard kombucha.

Booch on a mission

At Boochcraft we are on a mission to inspire people to live an exceptional life. One that is bold, adventurous, and full of excitement. A life rich with meaningful relationships and a supportive community. Simply put, to live cultured. It’s not just our tagline, it’s our anthem.

Core Values

  • Quality

    Each batch of high-alcohol kombucha is rigorously tested through our quality control program throughout every step of the process. Our final product is tasted to ensure it meets our standards. We offer all customers a satisfaction guarantee.


  • Sustainability

    We compost our juice and tea scraps, wash our brewery with Dr. Bronner’s soap, use only certified organic ingredients, and source our produce from local California farms whenever possible. We are committed to finding new and innovative ways to conserve resources and limit waste.

  • Community

    True success to us isn’t measured by the amount of profit, but rather the positive impact we are making in the community. We give 1% of gross sales to nonprofits that promote sustainable food systems. We give our time, product, and any other resources we have to make the local and global community a better place.

  • Vitality

    It’s our goal to inspire you to claim your health so you can enjoy this life to the fullest. Through our beverages we hope to inspire you to pay attention to the foods you consume and where they’re sourced from, to enjoy nature, to be active, and to be connected to your community.


  • Fun

    It’s all about having fun! Whether we’re brewing, helping the planet, connecting with community, hanging out with friends, or inspiring vitality, we promise to have fun! We hope that you will join us!

Fun - Boochcraft

OUR Story

Boochcraft was founded by three friends from Ocean Beach, San Diego. They sought out to create a hard kombucha that tasted great, inspired connection, and was based in quality.

Seeing the need for an alcoholic beverage with integrity, they created a craft brew you could not only enjoy, but also feel good about drinking. Millions of SCOBY’s later, Boochcraft was born with a
mission to inspire vitality, support local farms, build
community and have fun along the way.




Founder / Stunt Man

Origin: Virginia

Adam has been brewing kombucha for over a decade and began brewing for retail sale at his own restaurant in 2011. His restaurant, Local Habit, was the first restaurant in San Diego to offer kombucha on tap and likely one of the first in the country. Adam’s passions include surfing, acroyoga, organic gardening, cooking and building culture around Boochcraft.


Founder / Boochmaster

Origin: Arizona

With over 10 years experience brewing beer, wine, cider, mead, and (of course) kombucha, Andrew isn’t shy when it comes to fermentation. When he’s not fine tuning kombucha recipes and tinkering with the brewery equipment, you’ll find Andrew tending to his urban farm comprising of chickens, bees, worms. and a toddler.


Todd Kent

Founder / Square Pusher

Origin: Tennessee

Todd has been a serial entrepreneur for the past 22 years. Creating a culture of community at each business is a goal of Todd’s and he really looks to create that “family feeling” inside the office. When not working you can find Todd blazing a trail in arenas including endurance racing, acroyoga, rock climbing, body work and spending time with his two daughters.


Michael “wooly” woolston

Chief Operating Officer/ BBQ Pitmaster

Origin: California

Wooly’s career started at IBM doing research and development. On a quest for change, Wooly retired from High Tech and moved to sunny San Diego, deciding to work at Stone Brewing to build breweries. Now with Boochcraft, Wooly oversees brewing and packaging operations, procurement, engineering and quality with a current focus on designing and building out the new brewery. In his downtime, Wooly likes to garden and enjoy his grandkids.

Rachel gomez

Event Director/Aux Cord DJ

Origin: Oregon

Rachel spent the last decade handling PR/Marketing at various record labels and agencies in the music industry. As a Bend, Oregon native, craft breweries and kombucha are in her blood, which made the transition into Boochcraft seamless. Today, Rachel manages the events department facilitating all things fun and boozy. When she’s not running around slinging Booch, she’s utilizing her survival skills by sleeping, running, eating and drinking.


ashley holtz

Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager/ProTAGonist

Origin: Michigan

In addition to managing social media and the digital dimension of Boochcraft, Ashley facilitates content creation, photo shoots, blogging, and creative brand marketing. She’s been enjoying kombucha for over a decade including brewing her own; being creative and analytical, the constant evolution of marketing culture is a perfect fit for her. She also digs health food stores, DIY projects, music, writing, traveling, yoga, forests, vegan cooking, and style.

Natalie michel

Senior Sales Representative/Ambassador of Buzz

Origin: California

Natalie enjoys introducing Boochcraft to soon-to-be Super Fans (it’s a thing), and finds purpose in building relationships while in the field. She holds a B.S. in Nutrition Science and finds a natural passion with kombucha and probiotics and their influence on gut and overall health. Natalie brings both experience and professionalism to the management team, thanks to thirteen years at a leading worldwide law firm. When her Booch buggy is parked for the evening, Natalie enjoys cycling, pilates and checking travel destinations off her lifelong list.

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