Our team is blazing the trail with California’s very first high alcohol kombucha.

Booch on a mission

At Boochcraft we are on a mission to inspire people to live an exceptional life. One that is bold, adventurous, and full of excitement. A life rich with meaningful relationships and a supportive community. Simply put, to live cultured. It’s not just our tagline, it’s our anthem.

Core Values

  • Quality

    Each and every batch of kombucha is rigorously tested through our quality control program throughout every step of the process. Final product is always tasted to ensure it meets our standards, and ends in the hands of our customers where we have a satisfaction guarantee.

  • Sustainability

    We compost all of our juice and tea scraps, wash our brewery with Dr. Bronner’s soap, use only certified organic ingredients, source our produce from local California farms whenever possible. Sustainability is an evolution and we are committed finding new and innovative ways to conserve resources and limit waste.

  • Community

    True success in our minds is not measured by how much profit we earn, but rather the positive impact we are making in the community. We give back 1% of gross sales to nonprofits that promote sustainable food systems, and give our time, product, and any other resources we have to make the local and global community a better place.

  • Vitality

    It is our goal to inspire people to claim their health so that they can enjoy this beautiful life to its fullest. It is our hope that through our beverages we can inspire people to pay attention to the foods they eat and the sources of those foods, enjoy nature, stay active, get more connected to their community, and thus live a brighter more vital life.

  • Fun

    Why do it if you aren’t having fun? In each of our core values we aim to insert a little (or a lot) of fun along the way. So while we are making a high quality product, saving the planet, building community and inspiring vitality we plan on having fun too and we hope that you will join us.

Fun - Boochcraft


Boochcraft was founded by three guys from Ocean Beach who all had different backgrounds, yet shared values. They sought out to create a kombucha that tasted great and inspired connection, a high alcohol content kombucha to be exact. They were dissatisfied with all the kombucha on the shelves. Many were not carbonated or tasted watered down. They wanted to create something based in quality. So they created Boochcraft with a mission to inspire vitality, support local farms, build community and have fun along the way.


Founder / Stunt Man

Coming from a background in business management and finance Adam has managed a diverse number of businesses including his own. He has been involved in many startups including an online mortgage company, valet service, catering business and local restaurant. Adam has been brewing kombucha for over 10 years and began brewing for retail sale at his own restaurant in 2011. Local Habit was the first restaurant in San Diego to offer kombucha on tap and likely one of the first in the country. Adam’s true passions include surfing, acroyoga, hiking, organic gardening, cooking and building culture around Boochcraft. Adam currently manages marketing and sales for Boochcraft.


Founder / Boochmaster

Hailing from the hip dry desert town of Tucson where its dryness makes San Diego look like a tropical rain forest – Andrew has become a self certified quench master. There isn’t much he doesn’t like to geek out on but brewing beer and kombucha perches atop the list. With over 10 years experience brewing beer, wine, cider, mead, and (of course) kombucha, he isn’t shy when it comes to fermentation. When he’s not fine tuning kombucha recipes and tinkering with the brewery equipment, you’ll find Andrew tending to his urban farm comprising chickens, bees, and worms. Andrew is in charge of all things brewery related at Boochcraft including new recipe creation.

Todd Kent

Founder / Square Pusher

Todd is a serial entrepreneur. At 15 he started his own fence repair and lawn mowing business, fast forward 22 years and now he sits a top three successful San Diego corporations operating in the areas of Retail, Wholesale / Distribution as well as Commodity Importing. Creating a culture of community at each business is a goal of Todd’s and he really looks to create that“family feeling” inside the office. Driven and dedicated there is nothing he can’t accomplish. When not working you can find Todd blazing a trail in many other arenas including endurance racing, acroyoga, rock climbing, body work and being a dad to two amazing daughters. Watch out for his mischievous curiosity…after all the name Todd does mean fox. Todd currently manages Finance and Logistics at Boochcraft.

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