The seasons are changing, and it’s fun to change with them. Boochcraft is great on its own, but let’s be honest–it’s always fun to CHANGE it up! And since our new flavors are still a ways out (but YES, they’re COMING!), we’ve come up with other ways to be new. Whether you’re playing board games, enjoying movie nights, or having friends over for potlucks, you’ll surely enjoy these Kombucha Cocktail recipes! Plus, you don’t need to be a professional bartender to whip these up.

Heart of Autumn

Lemon, honey, apple, and cinnamon! This flavor combination will take you right to the heart of Autumn. Make someone’s night by making them one too;)

.75 oz Lemon Juice

.5 oz Honey

1.5 oz Tequila

Shake with ice. Then strain over fresh ice and top with 3 oz of Apple Lime Jasmine Boochcraft.

Garnish and stir with a cinnamon stick.

boochcraft high alcohol kombucha - image of ginger lime rosehips boochcraft sorbet cocktail

Boochcraft Float

Not your typical Fall cocktail, but one that will be perfect for movie nights in with your loves. Have kids? Make theirs with non alcoholic kombucha (we like Health-Ade & GT’s) and omit the vodka! This takes a little advance prep, so make sure to freeze those sorbet falls first!

Scoop fruit sorbet (of choice) into balls and freeze for about 2 hours.

Shake with ice:

1.5 oz Lemonade

1 oz Vodka

2.5 oz Ginger Lime Rosehips Boochcraft

Fill highball glass with frozen sorbet balls. Pour above mixture over sorbet and enjoy!

New England Temptation

This refreshing bubbly drink will leave you wanting more than one! Dynamic, warming and well rounded, it is the ideal Fall evening beverage.

2-3 Muddled Mint Leaves

1.5 oz Goslings dark rum

2oz Lemonade

Shake with ice and pour into highball glass. Top with Apple Lime Jasmine Boochcraft. Garnish with an apple wheel.

After the Apple Orchard

Tired from a day at the orchard? This post apple orchard cocktail is perfect for October weekends! One sip with remind you why Fall is your favorite season.

.75 oz Campari

.75 oz Dark Vermouth

.75 oz Gin

2-3 dashes orange bitters

Stir with ice. Strain in rocks glass over large cube. Top with 1 oz Grapefruit Hibiscus Heather Boochcraft. Garnish with Grapefruit slice or twist.

Takeaways: change it up this season and turn yourself into a Boochcraft bartender! Don’t have a shaker? Use 2 glasses. Don’t have a strainer? Use a fork. And for easy measuring, use a shot glass and remember–a shot is 1.5 oz. Make sure to always add the Boochcraft last in order to keep that bubbly fizz we all love. Now go enjoy and fall in love with Fall!