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Wild Berry

This juicy, jammy Booch is the ideal companion for your favorite summer activities. From camping and paddle boarding to hikes and backyard games, Wild Berry...

This juicy, jammy Booch is the ideal companion for your favorite summer activities. From camping and paddle boarding to hikes and backyard games, Wild Berry was crafted to enhance those summer moments. A nod to celebrating a universal fruit favorite and the joy of summertime adventure.

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Sweet 70%
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$75 REFUNDABLE* KEG DEPOSIT. Keg contract due upon pick-up. For any kegs over 6 gallons, we are required to submit the receipt to the Alcohol Beverage Control of California.

Must be 21+ to order, IDs will be checked upon pickup.

For more information on pick-ups, please visit the FAQs

What's Inside?

From the Brewer

Our 2022 Summer Seasonal is a celebration of an easy, carefree summer. The inspiration for this release came from the iconic wild summer berry, the blackberry. Just the thought of blackberries transports us to summer camp- the sun shining, a creek flowing, barefoot, and plucking this seasonal gem straight from the bush. This flavor is a reminder to channel your inner child and embrace your summer break as you used to.

Blackberries are the perfect canvas to tell our seasonal story because some berries are incredibly sweet, others are beautifully sour, and each berry has a bit of underlying earthiness. With the creation of this flavor, our R&D team knew we needed to find a balance when it came to the sweetness of the berry which is where the introduction to lemon came about; a classic summer pairing.


Find the most frequently asked questions below.

Hard kombucha is just like regular kombucha (which is technically fermented tea), brewed to 7% ABV. Ours contains fair trade tea, real fruit, and fresh herbs.

Some describe us as a bold flavored seltzer with some nods to wine (we do use white wine yeast), but we believe we're different. Good Different.

Give it a try. If you don't like it, we'll buy it back. For Real. Learn More.

Boochcraft is an alcohol beverage, so should always be consumed responsibly and in moderation. The difference between Boochcraft and other alcoholic beverages is our use of real ingredients inside every can. Nothing fake or artificial, which we think crafts a beverage that gives you a lighter and brighter buzz.

Because it's FRESH! We use real ingredients in our beverage. Just as you wouldn't want to leave an apple sitting in the truck of a hot car, you wouldn't want to do the same to our beverage.

Warning: Our cans have been known to explode when they get warmer. Those live cultures acting up again *wink*

Check out our store locator. We sell at most natural grocery and independent liquor stores. We're just starting to get Booch into larger chains. Want to see it in a store near you, contact us and let the store know!

Boochcraft is a net zero emissions brewery, uses fair trade ingredients, works with local & regenerative farms to source fruit, composts over 1,000,000 pounds of fruit scraps every year, donates unused fruit to local food banks so...ya... I guess you could say we're sustainable.