• Passionfruit Blood Orange Liquid Art
  • Passionfruit Blood Orange Liquid Art
Passionfruit Blood Orange is a vivacious but balanced mix of tangy blood oranges and tropical passionfruit, creating an unforgettable and unexpected flavor trip. Featuring the work Femme Flashback by The Lively Scout, we saw the groovy mood of this summer Booch reflected in those big, bubbly, multicolored sunnies. Peace, love, fresh-pressed fruit.
Dry 40%
Sweet 60%

From the Brewer

This flavor is definitely a juicy one! The tasting journey with this flavor for sure starts in the color. The color is a beautiful sunset red/orange color, from both the vibrant red blood orange and the orange of the dehydrated passion fruit. Moving to the aroma, it has a beautiful fruit forward quality, characteristic of many of our Boochcraft offerings. There is a sweet and tart character to the aroma with passionfruit as the heavy player coming out front and the blood orange following right after, in a one two punch. The sage comes in at the end, giving this flavor a nice earthy quality that helps reduce the heavy juice character of the release in an extremely pleasant way. The final thing to note about the aroma is that it gives the perception of a very sweet Boochcraft release. However, upon first taste what becomes apparent, that while it is sweet, it is far less so than originally perceived from the aroma. The three fruit juices added to this release, passion fruit, blood orange and lime are all very tart fruit. While they do individually have some sweetness, each definitely brings about more of a tart punch and flavor. The profile is a beautiful combination of the slight sweetness, but with a bright pop of tart acidity. Just like with the aroma, the passion fruit comes out first with a bright tart and almost tropical flavor. Then comes in a nice general citrus flavor of an orange, where what it lacks in sweetness it makes up for bright acidity. The blood orange is the predominant flavor in the middle and the end of this release. Finally, the sage comes in at the end in a nice earthy and almost tannic flavor that rounds out the acidity so that it is not overwhelming and entices you to keep drinking.


Find the most frequently asked questions below.

Hard kombucha is just like regular kombucha (which is technically fermented tea), brewed to 7% ABV. Ours contains fair trade tea, real fruit, and fresh herbs.

Boochcraft is like a bold flavor sparkling wine or champange. In fact, we use white wine yeast to brew our delicious Hard Kombucha.

Give it a try. If you don't like it, we'll buy it back. Just let us know.

Boochcraft is an alcohol beverage, so should always be consumer responsibliy and in moderation. The difference between Boochcraft and other alcoholic beverages is our use of real ingredients inside every can. Nothing fake or articial, which we think crafts a beverage that gives you a lighter and brighter buzz.

Because it's FRESH! We use real ingredients in our beverage, so just as you wouldn't want to leave an apple sitting in the truck of a hot car, you wouldn't want to do the same to our beverage.

Warning: Our cans have been known to explode when they get warmer. Those live cultures actuing up again *wink*

Check out our store locator, but you can generally find Boochcraft in any natural grocery and independent liquor stores. We're just starting to get Booch into larger chains. Want to see it in a store near you, contact us and let the store know!

Boochcraft is a net zero emmissions brewery, usese fair trade ingrednets, works with local & regenerative farms to source fruit, composts over 1,000,000 pounds of fruit scraps every year, donates unused fruit to local food banks so...ya... I guess you could say we're sustainable.