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Cherry Limeade


We heard YOU loud and clear. Cherry Limeade, a Boochcraft flavor so FRESH that it’s gone from the innovation kitchen straight to a 6-pack that’s here to stay!

Cherry Limeade is a fresh take on the drive-thru classic, inviting you to take a walk down memory lane with tartness balanced with a pop of sweet cherry.😉 Ours is a no-frills version that replaces preservatives and artificial flavoring with FRESHNESS you can taste.

Photo of Cherry Limeade

Ingredients & Nutrition

Raw kombucha, Cherries, Limes, Oranges, Agave Syrup, Cherry Extract, Yeast

  • Calories : 180
  • Total Fat : 0g
  • Sodium : 0mg
  • Total Carb : 8g
  • Total Sugars: 5g
  • Protein : 0g
You asked we answered! Cherry Limeade is here to stay now available in 6-packs! The inspiration started to spin off those nostalgic nights of grabbing a 7-11 slushie (or Sonic Cherry Limeade) with some friends and heading down to a hangout spot whether it was the movies, the beach, the woods, or the basement. It should be no frills, just that nostalgic comforting flavor without all the sugar and added fake stuff; this is truly a nod to a traditional Cherry Limeade but executed the Boochcraft way!