• Pineapple Vanilla Chai
  • Pineapple Vanilla Chai
Soothing, sweet, spicy...we’re packing a lot into this 16oz can. Imagine, if you will, a “winter in the tropics” flavor profile with fresh-pressed pineapple, smooth Madagascar vanilla, and aromatic, warming chai. Now, pop the top and experience it for yourself.
Dry 70%
Sweet 30%

From the Brewer

The visual on this one is pretty standard Booch, it will be similar to Ginger Lime so yellow and more clear. However, that is where this flavor stops being unique, and it is pretty obvious from the aroma profile it is different. From the start, you should get a big hit of the chai spices, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and clove. They combine in a welcome holiday potpourri starting with cinnamon and ending with ginger. In the middle of the aroma, there is the detectable sweetness of vanilla as well as the sweet and tart pineapple notes. But the primary aroma is going to be the warming chai species. While the aroma smells very sweet, the flavor profile is a balanced sweet and sour combination. The warming chai species definitely start off the flavor profile with a robust hit of chai that is followed up with the sweetness and creaminess of the vanilla beans. The cool thing about this release is that while some others have a very definitive bridge from one flavor to the next this follows a little of a different path. It does go from warming spice to creamy vanilla and spicy ginger but throughout the flavor profile, the sweet and sour pineapple comes into play and acts as a base note that carries each of the flavors of the profile. Then on the finish comes more of the vanilla, the sour pineapple, and the spicy ginger to really round off the Pineapple, Vanilla Chai tasting experience.


Find the most frequently asked questions below.

Hard kombucha is just like regular kombucha (which is technically fermented tea), brewed to 7% ABV. Ours contains fair trade tea, real fruit, and fresh herbs.

Boochcraft is like a bold flavor sparkling wine or champange. In fact, we use white wine yeast to brew our delicious Hard Kombucha.

Give it a try. If you don't like it, we'll buy it back. Just let us know.

Boochcraft is an alcohol beverage, so should always be consumer responsibliy and in moderation. The difference between Boochcraft and other alcoholic beverages is our use of real ingredients inside every can. Nothing fake or articial, which we think crafts a beverage that gives you a lighter and brighter buzz.

Because it's FRESH! We use real ingredients in our beverage, so just as you wouldn't want to leave an apple sitting in the truck of a hot car, you wouldn't want to do the same to our beverage.

Warning: Our cans have been known to explode when they get warmer. Those live cultures actuing up again *wink*

Check out our store locator, but you can generally find Boochcraft in any natural grocery and independent liquor stores. We're just starting to get Booch into larger chains. Want to see it in a store near you, contact us and let the store know!

Boochcraft is a net zero emmissions brewery, usese fair trade ingrednets, works with local & regenerative farms to source fruit, composts over 1,000,000 pounds of fruit scraps every year, donates unused fruit to local food banks so...ya... I guess you could say we're sustainable.