Where Art Meets Flavor. Passionfruit Blood Orange Kombucha, the New Innovative Summer Drink.

From the mind of our innovation team comes a series of limited release Boochcraft flavors: The Liquid Art Lab, Boochcraft’s innovation playground.  Passionfruit Blood Orange is a vivacious but balanced mix of tangy blood oranges and tropical passionfruit, creating an unforgettable and unexpected flavor trip. Featuring the work Femme Flashback by Katie Lively AKA The Lively Scout, we saw the groovy mood of this summer Booch reflected in those big, bubbly, multicolored sunnies. See more of Katie’s work on her website here. Diving into the unique ingredient profile, here’s a little more info on all that’s included in this release: Blood Orange: Our blood oranges are sourced from Stehly farms. Blood oranges are a specific variety of oranges that contain anthocyanins, compounds that are common in flowers but not citrus, which lends the distinct color of these oranges. They are also different in flavor than navel or Valencia oranges in that they are not nearly as sweet, but are more tart, bright and acidic (almost like lime, orange, and raspberry). Passion Fruit: Sourcing large amounts of fresh passion fruit was much harder than we anticipated. Each time we would ask a farm for the amount we would need for the recipe, the response would essentially be that it was not possible. So to deliver this amazing flavor to the market we decided to go with dried/dehydrated passion fruit. The passion fruit was dehydrated for us specifically, and done so in a way that does not pasteurize or lessen the quality of the juice; this means it is the next best thing to juice we could get. On the rare occasion that we’re unable to juice an ingredient in-house, we always challenge ourselves to find the next best thing.

Lime: We use organic standard limes, like those found at grocery stores (not key limes); they give good tartness, slight sweetness, and acidity of lime helps to round off this recipe and add a nice acidic bite. These are the same limes we use in our Ginger and Apple flavors. Sage: The Passionfruit Blood Orange release includes an infusion of fresh culinary sage. Sage are perennial plants with woolly and gray leaves, used commonly in fall dishes, adding a nice mushy/earthy fresh flavor to foods. Peace, love, fresh-pressed fruit — let us know what you think!