Not All Hard Kombucha Brands Are The Same

Creating hard kombucha is a pretty special thing. After all, we’re in the business of making people happy and keeping them healthy. It doesn't go without saying though that no two brews are the same. All of us use our own, one of a kind, brewing methods and a carefully selected range of ingredients to create unique high alcohol kombucha that you'll love. So, as a consumer, how can you understand more about what goes into the product you’re purchasing? Well, we’re here to shed some light on how Booch stacks up against some other hard kombucha brands. Let’s get into it.


Our friends at JuneShine follow the same sunny, San Diegan lifestyle that we do. Through their commitment to the community and sustainability, we are proud to call them our neighbors. JuneShine also shares the same philosophy as us: creating a more honest alcohol. As it should be, all of their products are certified organic, gluten free and packed full of probiotics. Not to mention, both of us have a passion for crafting artisan flavors that are delicious and refreshingly smooth. Their hard kombucha combines a mix of local and exotic ingredients to create their unique flavors. No additives to report here, just a blend of organic juices and natural extracts.

Flying Embers

Rooted in ancient fermentation traditions, Flying Embers creates a line of hard kombuchas that are filled with botanical adaptogens and probiotics. Their brewing process is quite different from ours in several ways. Inspired by the methods used centuries ago, Flying Embers employs a dry fermentation process that leaves their brews with a light, natural sweetness and no sugar. This allows the true flavors of the exotic ingredients to shine through. With a full-bodied mix of juices, extracts, and herbs, their hard kombucha is as healthy as it is delicious. Not to mention, all of their ingredients are 100% organic and gluten-free.

Wild Tonic

Wild Tonic truly has a little something for everyone. With a wide range of flavors and products with varying ABV percentages, you’ll have no trouble finding a hard kombucha that you’ll enjoy. This company creates jun kombucha, or a fermentation of tea and honey. With this method, the SCOBY feed on honey, as opposed to the raw sugar used in the traditional process of brewing kombucha. The resulting flavor is one that is lighter and less acidic than other hard kombuchas. Despite the difference in brewing methods, the final product is just as packed with probiotics and good bacteria.


This company prides itself for being the first hard kombucha brand on the market. Our industry owes a lot to Kombrewcha. In several ways, they were trailblazers for moving towards a new wave of completely transparent alcohol companies. Kombrewcha keeps it simple with their three trademark flavors, all of which are gluten free and USDA-certified organic. Not to mention, all of their ingredients are the real deal, ranging from organic herbs, natural fruit extracts, and a blend of fruit juices. Their brewing process also yields a lower ABV percentage, making it a low-alcohol alternative to other hard kombucha brands.


KYLA set out on a mission to create an alcoholic drink that was not only delicious, but good for you too. The result? A line of high-alcohol kombucha flavors. All of their products are full of gut-healthy bacteria and probiotics, in addition to being gluten free and vegan. Like many hard kombucha brands, KYLA combines sugar, tea, and the ever powerful SCOBY to create a brew of fizzy goodness. With a blend of fruit extracts, juices, and botanicals, KYLA’s products are unique in their own right. With little to no added sugar, the true flavors of these ingredients come out to shine.


Tura believes that some of the best alcoholic drinks are the ones that are created naturally. We like to think so, too. Their fermentation process combines black tea and cane sugar to create a lightly carbonated, low alcohol, probiotic filled drink. Available in two flavors, Tura uses organic ingredients to create brews that are high quality and taste amazing. Their brewing method focuses on preserving the authentic taste of its raw ingredients, resulting in a crisp, refreshing beverage. Well there you have it, a brief rundown of how some of the most popular hard kombucha brands differs from one another. If you’d like to learn more about what makes us unique from the rest, check out some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a hankering for some Booch right now, we don’t blame you. Here’s where to get your fix.