Lemon Maple Cocktails! Lemon Boochelada + Breakfast Booch Shots

Oh, Lemon Maple. The most polarizing (beloved by many, maligned by a few) of our core flavors, this sour/sweet and herbaceous "adult lemonade" is actually incredibly versatile. Besides pairing well with a variety of food (pizza and Italian food, to picnic food, to Greek food ), Lemon Maple makes an excellent component in a variety of mixed drinks. While my expertise with mixology is limited to dumping a couple of fingers of vodka into a pint of Booch and garnishing it with a flower from my backyard, we have friends who know what they're doing... so we called one of them.

We teamed up mixologist Mulu’Nesh (@inthemixwithmulan) to put Lemon Maple to the test in a few Boochy takes on beloved cocktails. Mulu’Nesh is local to our hometown of San Diego, and has worked in some of our favorite restaurants around the city. "One of the best parts of bartending is being able to create an amazing experience via cocktails. There’s definitely something for everyone. I still can’t believe I earn a living hanging out with people and making drinks." -Mulu'Nesh

Lemon Boochelada

Bet you haven't tried a hard kombucha Michelada. We took this popular Sunday brunch beverage and made something you'll want to sip before Sunday rolls around. Gluten-free, vegan and mind-blowingly delicious, give it a try and let us know what you think!

.25 oz coconut aminos

.5 oz lime juice

.5 oz pickle juice

3 oz Gluten-free Bloody Mary mix (I used Cutwater Spicy bloody mix)

5-6 oz Lemon Maple Boochcraft


Rim glass with a 50/50 mixture of Pink Himalayan Salt and Tajin.

Fill with ice

Pour ingredients into a tin or separate glass

Shake or stir gently

Pour over ice

Don’t forget to add your favorite toppings!

Pictured: Vegan bacon, dehydrated okra, dehydrated corn, lemon slice

Note: We used a 24 oz Pilsner glass


Did you think we were done? NO WAY! Just for the heck of it, our Boochologist took a run with another twist to Lemon Maple.

Liquid Breakfast Shooter

1.25 oz Bourbon or Whiskey

.5 oz fresh orange juice

.25 oz maple syrup

2 oz Lemon Maple Boochcraft

Fill a tin with ice

Combine all ingredients except for Boochcraft

Shake and strain into a glass

Top with Lemon Maple Boochcraft

Garnish with Vegan bacon (or the bacon of your choice, no judgments here!)


Bottoms up friends! We’d love to see you try these easy at-home recipes, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram, @boochcraft and show us how you did.

Need some Lemon Maple? Just drop your zip code in our PRODUCT LOCATOR to find Lemon Maple at stores near you.

-Team Booch