How to Plan and Host the Perfect Friendsgiving Feast

Friendsgiving is the ideal excuse to bring your buddies together for a feast that's all about friendship, food, and a touch of fun. Whether you're an event-planning pro or a newbie to hosting, we've got a recipe for success that's just about as easy as cracking open a Booch. Let's dive into planning your Friendsgiving!

The When & Where

Don’t discount the venue. Where you host your Friendsgiving can add as much to the vibe as what you put on the table. If you have a home big enough to host, an indoor gathering can possibly be the simplest and safest when you consider the weather. However, you know we’re suckers for the great outdoors, so who said Friendsgiving couldn’t be a potluck picnic, beach bonfire, or backyard cookout? If we were hosting, you know it would be somewhere on an organic farm surrounded by real ingredients and fresh air (psst… we won’t be mad if you steal our idea).


Boochcraft on Friendsgiving Tablescape

Sprinkle in some Seasonal Sparkle

Transform your space into an autumnal wonderland with fresh pumpkins, leaves, and fairy lights. Think of it as the warm-up act for the feast! Want some inspiration on how to set the perfect tablescape? Our friend Morgan Yates is a pro at the finishing touches; click here to see what we mean!

Want the perfect soundtrack that screams togetherness? How about crowdsourcing your playlist leading into the event? We even have a curated Spotify playlist that pairs perfectly with some Sparkling Apple Boochcraft and your closest friends! You can also add a few additional touches like seasonal board games, a Polaroid camera, and some photo backdrops (or a photo booth if you want to splurge) to create some lasting memories.

Friendsgiving Tablescape with Boochcraft can

Plan a Potluck-style Feast

Avoid having ten pies and no mashed potatoes by assigning specific dishes to your friends. Make sure you cover appetizers, mains, sides, and desserts. No food fights, please!

Looking for something fun to bring to the table? How about something made with our favorite ingredient… Boochcraft. Check out our list of Thanksgiving recipes that incorporate some of our favorite Boochcraft flavors!

Have friends with dietary restrictions? Make sure to communicate those in advance so everyone can enjoy the fun. And to prepare for any culinary mishaps, we suggest a few simple backup dishes.

Craft Easy and Delicious Drinks

Friendsgiving is meant to be enjoyed with the company of others, so take yourself away from the bar and provide pre-batched or ready-to-drink offerings for your guests. May we suggest the new Sparkling Apple Boochcraft or our tried and true spicy holiday favorite Ginger Lime?

We have also batched up a list of easy Boochcraft fall cocktails to add that extra special touch to your occasion. And although we love to indulge in some delicious libations, let’s not forget something festive for our sober curious friends. Having a mocktail or an offering other than water will allow them to feel included in the festivities.

Freeze the Moment in Time

At the end of the day, Friendsgiving is for the memories. Set up a photo book station or a guest gratitude book to capture heartfelt notes and memories from the night. Make sure to plan in time at the end of the night to sit and engage with your guests. The dishes can wait or become a group activity to make clean-up go quickly.

With these tips, your Friendsgiving soiree will be a turkey-tasting triumph that'll have your friends gushing with gratitude. Remember, it's all about the three Fs: food, fun, and friends. So, go ahead and host the Friendsgiving shindig of the year – you'll be the toast of the turkey town!