Herbs, Spice, & Everything Nice 

There are a lot of beverages out there that contain some not-so-great ingredients. Next time you’re at the store, check out the ingredient label on the back...you’ll see hard-to-pronounce artificial ingredients such as potassium citrate, potassium sorbate, sulfating agents, and citric acid (which, despite the name being like the word citrus, is not citrus). But then you check out the ingredient label on a can of Boochcraft, and there it is. Real, organic, fresh, easy-to-pronounce ingredients. And NO added sugar. Because why add extra ingredients we can’t pronounce? You probably know by now that we juice organic fruits in-house for our Booch, but did you know we also use a perfectly curated mix of organic herbs and spices to create our signature Boochcraft flavors?

 Some of our favorites include: Ginger Rosehips Hibiscus Flower Jasmine Lavender Rosemary

Spice Things Up a Little More!

One of our favorite activities here at Boochcraft is hosting team tastings where we infuse herbs and spices directly into the glass and discuss the evolution of flavors. It’s like wine tasting, but the Boochcraft way! The best part, you can try this at home. Here’s how: Grab a party pack, some friends, and some of the dried herbs and spices listed above. Pick out a Booch to start with, pour up 3 sample servings, and sprinkle different herbs into two of them, leaving the third as a comparison. Sample all 3 and see how the added dimension to the taste of your drink evolves with each herb!

Some of our Favorite Combinations (just a touch of each):

Strawberry Lemonade- sprinkle in lavender and rosemary Ginger Lime- sprinkle in rosehips and dried ginger Apple Jasmine- sprinkle in jasmine and hibiscus flower Orange Pomegranate- sprinkle in rosemary

 You don’t have to stop where we left off. There are plenty of other commonly found herbs and spices that would pair deliciously with your favorite Boochcraft, many of which you might already have in your garden! Think thyme, basil, mint, lemon verbena...the options are endless. Take it a step further and garnish your Booch with fruit slices, or create your very own Boochcraft cocktail (be sure to share your masterpiece with us on Instagram)!