Farm to Tank Featuring Cuyama Orchards

Boochcraft believes in producing a quality organic and gluten free kombucha and we are the only hard kombucha brand sourcing all of our ingredients direct from farms and juicing fruit in house. You've heard of Farm to Table, yeah? Well, we call this Farm to Tank! Not just one flavor or a special release, we source produce from organic farms consistently. Have you noticed most hard kombuchas are shelf stable? Have you noticed non-alcoholic kombucha is not shelf stable? That's because of the living probiotics combined with the fresh pressed juice. While it may create a bigger hurdle for us as far as juicing in house, coordinating with farms, and cold-chain distribution goes, we simply believe it's worth it to create a more quality product while supporting quality farms. Creating relationships with smaller, organic farms is extremely important to us. When we say Farm to Tank, we mean it. Featured Farm: Cuyama Orchards Cuyama Orchards is located in a remote mountainous area within Santa Barbara County, CA. The orchards sit at an elevation of 3,200 feet providing mineral rich soil for the Albano family to grow incredibly flavorful apples. We use 4,000 lbs of those delicious apples in one batch of Apple Lime Jasmine. Howard and Jean Albano have been farming Apples on their land for more than 25 years. Along with their son Byron, they are responsible for all growing, harvesting, packing and marketing operations for the certified organic apples they produce on 265 acres. Another cool thing about the farm? There's no technology distractions out there. "One of the things I love out here is your cell phone doesn’t ring,” Albano said, surveying his family’s 316-acre Cuyama Orchards abutting the Los Padres National Forest. And if your cell phone doesn't ring, that means it also doesn't receive texts, which means he can be 100% present with those pretty little apples. Today, they are the only apple growers left in the Cuyama Valley, with Whole Foods and Gelson’s, a Southern California grocery chain, among their clients. Thank you Howard, Jean and Byron Albano for being a valued partner.