Fall Road Trip Guide: Explore the Great Outdoors with Boochcraft

Roads inspire. They are imperfect, even though we probably prefer they wouldn’t be. They exist in different environments, some with loads of traffic and highrises, some with solitude, tall grass and grazing animals. These roads are bringing Boochcraft from the Southwest to the Pacific Northwest where nature’s terrain is a central figure in adventure and daily life.

Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon is one of our new homes, where our neighbors will be the beautiful Mount Bachelor settled in the Deschutes National Forest, and the Oregon Badlands Wilderness, both of which are within an hour’s drive of the Oregon ski-town. Bend’s close proximity to the lush cascades, high desert climate and volcanic terrain makes seasonal outdoor expeditions possible. Skiing is a dream on the fresh POW of Mount Bachelor, with Deschutes Forest boasting acres of lakes, lava flows, and unique geological features that mean hiking, snowshoeing and horseback riding are almost always a good idea. The Oregon Badlands are a natural creation of old lava flow where hiking and climbing are a unique experience in contrast to the green terrain of the Cascades mountain range west of the city.

Next Stop: Eugene

Just under three hours west of Bend, in the wilderness of the Cascades, sits Eugene, Oregon. Likely known as the home of the Oregon Ducks, Eugene serves a beautifully lush environment to set up a picnic blanket, hook up a slackline, and crack open a cold drink in its serene sights. Eugene has tons of trailheads varying in different levels of difficulty, but is also a major hub for fly fishing, whitewater rafting and covered bridge hunting along the Willamette River.

Directly west of Eugene, right along the coast is Florence, Oregon, where magical bridges and lighthouses intertwine with winding roads and emerald trees. Going north along the coast, before heading back inland to the next stop, and one of Boochcraft’s new stomping grounds Portland, hunt for some of the 11 lighthouses lining the rocky and breathtaking Oregon coast.

Stay weird in Portland

Portland is a special place, with a very specific “Keep Portland Weird” mural lining a commercial wall out front a parking lot. It has an undeniably electric energy, air filled with the smell of fresh Voodoo donuts, old books, and an eclectic mix of street foods emanating from the community food trucks parked around the city. Here, being outdoors is easy. Grabbing grub and sitting by the Willamette River is a daily norm.

Portland sits in close proximity to Mount Hood and the Columbia River Gorge. Dozens of waterfalls are reachable by car and by foot, making it the perfect grounds for waterfall chasing. The city also has an abundance of green spaces with plenty of perfect picnic locations without having to go on a major excursion.


Seattle: The Emerald City

Seattle gives us a taste of a big city with small town characteristics, like having easy access to the mountains. Just a ferry ride away is the Olympic Mountain Range, perfect for a weekend getaway equipped with freezing alpine lakes for swimming or just admiring. Much like all of Boochcraft’s homes, old and new, Seattle is also filled with parks and greenspaces across the city.

You can view the entire city from Gas Works Park to finally take a breath, open up a booch, and watch the skyline light up as the sun sets. And just under an hour is access to hundreds of trailheads, snowshoeing trails, campsites and ski runs for any season. An abundance of islands stray from the westcoast of Washington, many accessible by ferry services available from Seattle’s port.

Sedona, Arizona

Our road trip brings us back to the Southwest. From San Diego to Sedona, the lush green grass, spraying waterfalls and rocky mountains disappear. Instead, your car will get layered in desert dirt and dust.

A definite road trip destination, Sedona is known for its majestic red rocks, making it an ideal camping location. Warm summer nights bring sudden thunderstorms, but then the clouds start to disappear and in their place there exists a double rainbow, muted tones of red, orange and blue bending through the sky.

The sunsets reflect on the orange and red sandstone, so the purples in the sky never seem to end. And the stars, displayed perfectly for stargazing. Who knew there were so many of them out there.

We are major fans of the journey and the destination. We’re extra excited that we are growing so we get to continue to be a part of both.