Fall Produce Guide: Our Favorites This Season

Fall is warm, cozy, and balanced between cool and colorful, and it shows in fall seasonal produce. It gives us the perfect balance of refreshing and savory to boost our energy and inspire our new and old journies. Here are some of our favorites!


The questionable looking fungi that surprises us all with its big flavor and full-bodied texture is the ultimate autumn treat. It’s the perfect produce to add but also take on the flavors of any warm winter salad, soup or stew you might be making for the fall season.

They are the fungi that keep on giving, with health benefits for both our planet and us. Eating mushrooms is a low calorie way of adding loads of protein and fiber to your diet, as well as helpful nutrients like vitamin B and potassium. They can be great for any diet, and because they are a probiotic and filled with antioxidants, mushrooms can help improve gut health, digestion and general life longevity.


We know they’re good for us. There’s even a saying about it, though consuming an apple a day doesn’t actually promise an escape from all health issues. However, they do offer great benefits to general health. In the fall they will be especially crunchy and juicy, and as per always will be serving us plenty of antioxidants, fibers and various vitamins. They’re filling because of their high volume of water and fiber, so they’re the perfect snack for a long journey, unexpected adventure, and daytime munch.

Needless to say, fall may also be the perfect time to enjoy an Apple + Lime + Jasmine boochcraft under that warm toned apple tree.


One of the most idyllic fall and winter treats...beets! Beets are usually harvested in fall and winter and are actually a root crop, which means that all parts of the plant are edible. So while you're roasting up a sheet pan full of earthy goodness, don't forget about the greens! The tender, juicy beet greens can be chopped up, sautéed, and added to your favorite winter salads and stews. Beets have a significant number of impressive health benefits, including high fiber content to promote digestion, low caloric count, and powerful anti-inflammatory pigments called betalains that may help fight cancer. Looking for an excuse to incorporate more of the powerful benefits of beets? Try our fall seasonal Orange + Pomegranate + Beet! Search for this limited time flavor near you.  

Brussel Sprouts

We hated them as kids, but revere them as adults. Brussel sprouts are consistent in providing a canvas for unique texture and flavor.

Brussel sprouts, much like mushrooms, are rich in antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins such as K and C vitamins. Their fiber and antioxidant content have been linked to potentially help inflammation and combat high blood pressure. Adding these healthy benefits to your diet is easy when they are sautéed or roasted with other fresh fall ingredients like cauliflower, green beans and potatoes, or take the form of a slightly more elevated and decadent personality, doused with olive oil and sautéed with garlic and toasted almonds.


We know it well for its anti-nausea properties, but it also has properties that help against inflammation, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Ginger has great anti-cold and flu components, which can be maximized by consuming ginger in ways such as ginger tea where it promotes sweating by warming the body from within, helping our immune system fight off illnesses in the transition to flu season.

Ginger can be simple to add into your daily diet by spicing up warm drinks, stir fry, salad dressings or fresh juices. Our Turmeric + Tangerine + Ginger booch might be just what you need to get your dose of ginger this season.


There’s nothing like a good winter squash to help you transition out of your beloved summer veggies. Pumpkins are plentiful, and are more than just a blank slate for a soon-to-become jack-o-lantern. It can be an intimidating produce to approach, with its daunting size, unique shape, bright color and distinct texture. However, those unique and complex characteristics are what hold in all the fiber, A and C vitamins, and antioxidants that make pumpkin such a guilty pleasure that isn’t so guilty.

Pumpkin comes in some classic forms, so even if making a delicious pumpkin pie or pumpkin soup from scratch may require some work, it’s a taste of heaven, healthy balance, and home.


Limes are an autumn fruit, so that must mean margaritas are a fall drink, right? They are a good source of vitamin C, so fall doesn’t just mean margaritas and Ginger + Lime + Rosehip Boochcraft, but it also means strong immune systems and healthy skin when we consume this fresh citrus fruit.

It’s high vitamin content also helps individuals fight high blood pressure, and can promote a higher absorption of iron from plant-based foods that work to prevent anemia, feelings of tiredness or weakness from a lack of oxygen resulting from a lack of healthy red blood cells. It’s easy to add to dressings, dips and drinks, even water.

We love fresh, organic produce to help us keep flavor and balance in our lives, and we are extra excited for these ingredients to be surfacing our kitchens soon. Love this post? Stay awhile. Check out these Boochcraft reads for more of the good stuff. Easy Weeknight Pairing: Boochcraft Ginger Snap Cocktail with Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai 4 Kombucha Cocktail Recipes to Try This Fall