Boochcraft is Now Available in PNW!

We’re brightening up the Pacific Northwest, one booch at a time. This summer has been a busy one! And with all the hustling and bustling comes exciting brand news. Team Booch is stoked to officially announce our launch in the Pacific Northwest (PNW). We have been striving for expansion into PNW basically since we started the company over three years ago. Something we love about the people of PNW is their health-forward and eco-conscious lifestyle. They inherently look for clean, sustainable, and delicious products―and that’s exactly what we’re all about.

Regional Offerings

In addition to a soon-to-be announced PNW special release*, our much-adored flavors landing in this region are: Grapefruit Hibiscus Heather – Refreshing AF. Fresh-pressed grapefruit, tangy hibiscus, and floral heather create a rosy-pink drink that’ll go down in a blink. Apple Lime Jasmine – Slightly sweet, faintly floral, undoubtedly delicious. Bushels of apples and vibrant limes meld with jasmine for a liquid slice of tart apple pie. Ginger Lime Rosehips – This trio packs a punch! Fresh-pressed ginger and zesty limes are combined with aromatic rosehips, to create a lightly tart and subtly sour sipper. Enjoy it solo or grab one for a dark and stormy night. Orange Pomegranate Beet – Fresh-pressed oranges, tangy pomegranate, and a touch of savory beetroot, create a juicy, complex combination. As much at home in the dusky summer sunset as an AM hair-of-the-dog. Watermelon Mint Chili – This summer seasonal will blow your rind. Juicy watermelon, muddled mint, and a dusting of chili spice make a party in your mouth. Available through September 23rd. *Special Release! "No Ordinary Cherry" – A masterful mashup of cherries. Organic Bing, Rainier, and Acerola cherries from the Northwest get hit with a sprightly bite from pink peppercorns. This limited rose-hued, punchy booch is our love letter to the PNW. Note: this limited edition flavor is exclusive to the PNW region.

PNW Partners

PNW is as craft-competitive as you get! So we are privileged to be working with a handful of top-notch distribution companies with the know-how and reputation to put us on the map within the region’s discerning craft and culinary scenes. Together with leading distributors Bigfoot Distributing of Central Oregon, NW Beverages of Western Washington, and Sound Beverage of Bellingham, Boochcraft is rolling out in Central Oregon, and is hitting shelves in Seattle now! This fall, the rollout will continue into Portland.

We can’t wait to share all things Boochcraft with this new territory. This blog will be updated with future events in PNW, so stay tuned!