Apple Lime Jasmine - Batch B56

Making organic, raw kombucha using fresh-pressed juice is an imperfect process, and full transparency here — sometimes we make mistakes. Being a small, independent kombucha brewery, we do our best to marry art with science, but sometimes the erratic nature of these fermentable bugs gets away from us. One batch of our Apple Lime Jasmine labeled “Batch B56” was released back in July that we later found out had significant refermentation. That means the probiotic mix of yeast/bacteria continued to ferment the fresh fruit juice—which resulted in over-carbonated bottles in 100% of the batch. We’ve removed all Batch B56 from the market and from distribution as quickly as we found out about it, but no doubt some of it made its way into your fridge — and probably made a big mess. We’re really, really sorry. If it happened to you, or you find a bottle of Apple Lime Jasmine that says B56 by the “Best By” date, please send us a DM or email us at We’ll do everything we can to make it right. - Todd Kent + the Boochcraft family