6 Delicious Fall Kombucha Cocktail Recipes

Fall is a beautiful time of year. The weather starts cooling and the leaves start changing colors. We think it's the perfect time to cozy up by the fire and enjoy a nice balanced Booch cocktail. Here are some of our latest concoctions.

Pear Inspired Hard Kombucha Cocktails

#1- Fall-nold Palmer

2.5 oz Chai-Ginger Tea

(Steep hot water with chai tea bags and 3-4 slices of fresh ginger- let cool)

1 oz bourbon

.5oz lemon juice

.5oz simple syrup

Shake and strain over fresh ice

Top with approx 3.5 oz of Spiced Pear Boochcraft

Garnish w/ 3 brandy cherries

Light and refreshing take on typical autumn flavors. Think holiday arnold palmer- very chuggable .

#2- Bee’s Leaves

1.5oz Gin

.75oz Fresh Lemon Juice

.5oz Honey

Stir and strain over fresh ice

Top with approx 3.5 oz Spiced Pear Boochcraft

Garnish w/ dehydrated lemon slice

Pear Bees Knees! Fall version of the classic cocktail!

Apple Inspired Hard Kombucha Cocktails

#3- Endless Summer

1 Large strawberry

2 Basil leaves


2oz Rum Haven (Coconut Rum made with natural flavors- coconut water & cane sugar)

.5oz Lemon juice

Shake, Double Strain over fresh ice

Top with approx 3 oz Apple Lime Jasmine Boochcraft

Garnish w/ basil leaf

Local Summer Lemonade. Fruity and Bright with tropical coconut notes, but not too sweet.

Orange Pomegranate Inspired Hard Kombucha Cocktails

#4 – Mole Mezcal

2-3 drops Mole bitters

1.5oz Mezcal

.5 Orange Juice

.5 Lime Juice

Shake, Strain over Fresh ice

Top with approx 3 oz Orange Pomegranate Beet Boochcraft

Garnish w/ Dehydrated Orange slice

Bold smokey flavors rounded out by bright citrus, Rich Mole & sweet Orange Pom Beet Booch

Ginger Inspired Hard Kombucha Cocktails

#5- Pumpkin Spice Libation

2.5 oz Pumpkin mix*

4-5 drops Vanilla extract

.5 oz Honey

1oz Vodka

Shake and strain over fresh ice

Top with 2.5 oz Ginger Lime Rosehips Boochcraft

Spiced sugar rimmed glass*

*Organic Pumpkin mix (1 cup pumpkin puree, 1 cup sugar, 2.5 cups water, 2tsp cinnamon, 2 slices fresh ginger, 1 tsp nutmeg, 5 cloves. Bring to a light boil and double strain through a fine mesh strainer)

Spiced Sugar (3 tbsp Sugar, ¾ tbsp cinnamon, 1.5 teaspoon sea salt, ½ tsp ginger powder, ½ tsp nutmeg. Detailed instructions w/ pictures on how to rim a glass are in the holiday cocktail blog!)

A not so basic way to fix your pumpkin craving! (Fun Tip- Save the extra Pumpkin Mix and add to your coffee on a chilly fall morning). All the flavors of pumpkin pie but very light.

#6- Gettin' Figgy Wit It

Slice & Muddle 1 large ripe fig

4 drops Vanilla extract

.75 oz Maple Syrup

1.5 oz Bourbon

Shake and double strain over fresh ice

Top with 4 oz Ginger Lime Rosehips Boochcraft

Garnish with Fig slice

If you love Figs this is your drink for the season. Sweet Fig and Maple, Bright & Spicy Ginger,

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