Shop Seasonally with Boochcraft’s Winter Produce Guide

Naturally, as weather changes throughout the seasons, so does the fresh produce that is available. There are many benefits to eating seasonal fruits and veggies – they taste better, can often cost less, are more nutrient dense, and they’re environmentally friendly! Before you go sprinting to the farmer’s market, check out our winter produce guide.


Tis the season for apples! Not only are apples an incredibly versatile fruit, but they’re a great source of fiber, vitamin C, and polyphenols, which have countless health benefits. Apples have been linked to weight loss, a lower risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and even a reduced risk of stroke. The fiber in apples feeds good bacteria which is amazing for digestion and overall gut health, just like Boochcraft ;).

Shop Seasonally with Boochcraft’s Winter Produce Guide - Boochcraft


These sweet, earthy veggies contain cancer-fighting antioxidants, plenty of vitamins, as well as potassium and folate. Shred beets raw and add them to a salad or rough chop, coat in avocado or coconut oil with salt and pepper and roast them for 25 minutes at 400 degrees.


This super-healthy vegetable is loaded with vitamins and minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. Some studies even claim that cabbage can help reduce cholesterol and lower the risk of diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Since it is most nutritious when raw, we recommend adding some fresh leaves to lunch or dinner salads for a nice crunch.

Brussel Sprouts

These little sprouts pack a powerful punch just like their big bro, cabbage. Brussel sprouts are also filled with cancer-fighting antioxidants and we love to roast these nutritional powerhouse veggies with olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic – yum! They pair well with the other dishes in most holiday spreads – serve them up as a healthy side.

Shop Seasonally with Boochcraft’s Winter Produce Guide - Boochcraft


Fall and winter is prime time for gourds like acorn, butternut, kabocha and delicata squash. The flesh in these squash are loaded with carotenoids, vitamin A and potassium. There are so many ways to cook squash like roasting it, adding it to soups, sauces, and even making spaghetti squash! The options are endless and tasty.


Though these veggies are available year-round, they reach their peak sweetness and nutritional value in fall and winter. Carrots have incredible health benefits because they are loaded with antioxidants such as beta-carotene which converts vitamin A in the body. They are also essential for a strong immune system, healthy skin and eyes. Eating carrots can even reduce your risk of getting cancer and cardiovascular disease. Eat them raw with a dip like hummus, roast them in the oven, or add them to all sorts of different meals – you really can’t go wrong with carrots.

Sweet Potatoes

These taters are packed with fiber, beta-carotene, vitamins and antioxidants, and they are perfect for so many holiday side dishes! Try swapping out white potatoes with sweet potatoes and watch your dish elevate to the next level both in taste and nutritional value.

Shop Seasonally with Boochcraft’s Winter Produce Guide - Boochcraft


These citrus fruits are available in warmer climates and are fantastic for keeping our immune systems strong during cold and flu season. Oranges are loaded with vitamin C and flavonoids which can reduce the risk of cancer. They have also been linked to a lower risk of ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, gingivitis, Crohn’s disease and cataracts. Eat em fresh, add them to salads, or enjoy as a juice.


This green vegetable really shines in the winter season. Kale, and other dark, leafy greens, are rich in many vitamins, iron, calcium, manganese, potassium and tons of antioxidants. Kale is a member of the brassica vegetable family, which makes them amazing for digestion, lowering cholesterol and protecting the body against cancer! Add these leafy greens to all sorts of different dishes or eat them in a salad to get their amazing health benefits.


Another amazing citrus to enjoy during winter is lemon! This zesty fruit promotes hydration, improves skin quality, aids digestion, and supports weight loss. Since lemons are high in vitamin C, they are also amazing for boosting our immune system when it would otherwise be weakened due to cold weather and lots of germs floating around. Start your day with a warm glass of water with lemon and reap the health benefits.

Shop Seasonally with Boochcraft’s Winter Produce Guide - Boochcraft


The membranes on this fruit are bitter and inedible, but the pulp and seeds provide a juicy, sweet flavor that is perfect for many winter recipes. Pomegranate is filled with antioxidants which help give it cancer-fighting properties. They also have plenty of fiber, protein, vitamins C & K, folate and potassium. Pomegranates have shown to reduce inflammation, which is one of the leading drivers of many serious diseases. The benefits are endless which make this fruit one of the healthiest foods on the planet! Eat the pulp and seeds directly or drink pomegranate juice – your body will thank you.


Sure, they might make you cry every once and awhile, but onions are actually very healthy! Add these vegetables to anything from salads, sides, soups, and main dishes, for a burst of flavor (we love to pair them with garlic). Not only are they tasty, but onions are low in calories and have a high amount of vitamin C and fiber. The oils in onions even lower the bad cholesterol levels, while simultaneously raising the good cholesterol, HDL. Not too shabby!

Well, there you have it. There are so many amazing, nutritional fruits and veggies that are fresh and widely available this time of year. Take care of your body by feeding it produce that is seasonally fresh – winter vegetables offer comfort and are perfect for warming meals such as soups and casseroles.

There are also plenty of citrus fruits available that are important for preventing infections such as the cold, which is so prevalent this time of year. We hope that you found value in this article and feel better-prepared to eat all the seasonal fruits and veggies for optimum health!

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