You asked, we answered. Earlier this year, we shed light on our nutrition information with Boochcraft: What’s Inside? and the article had our health-conscious Booch tribe cheering from the rooftops. We thought we’d expand on the sugar content in our high alcohol kombucha so you can rest assured you won’t fly head-first into a sugar crash.

When it comes to producing a healthy alternative to beer and wine, we take the old school approach: no ingredients your grandma can’t pronounce, no refined sugars in sight, and produce & herbs you can forage for (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Say goodbye to question marks and mystery additives when it comes to your drink of choice. With Boochcraft, what you see is what you get. We hold the highest standard for ingredients in each and every bottle of hard kombucha we we brew for you – and we mean it.


How Much Sugar is in a Bottle of Boochcraft? - Boochcraft

It starts with the basics. In our world, nutrition labels can take a speedy backseat to fresh, sustainably sourced and organic ingredients. It starts with using the best of the best to craft our booch. You feel us?

But let’s talk about sugar content. How much sugar is in a bottle of Boochcraft, anyway?

When we brew a bottle of booch, organic cane sugar is added to the SCOBY before fermentation. GASP. Before you panic, know that without sugar, it would be impossible to brew kombucha. The cane sugar is for the live culture to consume, not you – promise.

In order for us to transform our kombucha tea into 7% ABV kombucha beer, we have to take things up a notch. BAM – our brewmasters add more sugar and a new strain of yeast once the primary fermentation is complete. Fast forward through the closed fermentation process and the result? Booch with a buzz. A pretty smooth buzz, we might add.


How Much Sugar is in a Bottle of Boochcraft? - Boochcraft

Thankfully for you, during this process the culture has scarfed down a majority of the sugar content, leaving you with a low-sugar adult beverage that you can sip without the shame. Beer bellies? Wine headache? Sugar hangovers? Not here.

Browse any of our Boochcraft flavors and you’ll find that they range from 9.5-11 grams of sugar per 11oz serving. Now that’s something we can stand behind.

Before you swear off kombucha for its sugar content, rest assured that a majority of it is gone long before the bottle hits the shelves. So grab a friend, pop a bottle of booch, and cheers yourselves to living cultured.

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