Summer: Friends. Family. Backyard bbq’s. Boochcraft. The list goes on.

Since we are everything but normal, we decided to take a classic ‘normal’ hot dog and transform it to where it wouldn’t feel insecure while hanging out with a Boochcraft. These veggie dog recipes are simple, crowd pleasing, and go down well with a swig of Booch! See our 2 favorite hot dog rebel recipes below.

the best vegetarian hot dog recipe ever

plant based vegetarian hot dog recipe

Golden State Dog

Californias enjoy handmade, artisanal foods eaten in dynamic and new ways. So why should a hot dog be any different? Ditch the traditional ketchup and mustard for oil soaked sun dried tomatoes and creamy avocado and thank us later.


Kite Hill Almond Ricotta Cheese, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Avocado, Fresh Basil, Mustard.


Smart Dogs by Lightlife

Wash it down with Boochcraft. See flavors here.

the best vegetarian hot dog recipe

vegetarian hot dog recipe

Southwest Dog

Guacamole, black beans, and spice are practically staples in southwest cuisine. These 3 ingredients can jazz up any dish, let alone a hot dog. Add corn to make it super legit.


Guacamole, black beans, hot sauce, and corn (optional).


Smart Dogs by Lightlife

Wash it down with your choice of Boochcraft. See flavors here.

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