We believe in project based impact to ensure that our resources are making a difference in people’s lives—that’s why we facilitate projects that create direct impacts in the world.


1 billion acres of farmland have been abandoned due to land degradation. Our goal is to support projects that help rebuild our soil and farmland while growing food for people with limited access to fresh organic food. This issue is one that tackles community health as well as the health of our planet. Access to fresh organic food is a right, not a privilege.



Sustainability is not possible without quality access to education for all people. This is a social issue that also has an enormous environmental impact. Educating girls is the single most impactful thing we can do to reverse global warming, according to Project Drawdown.


We donate 1% of our gross sales to fund projects which help to create a sustainable global community. It is not a matter of if the world will transition to clean energy it is only a matter of when. We are support projects that develop clean energy while giving access to people with limited resources.


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