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Wild Berry


This juicy, jammy Booch is the ideal companion for your favorite summer activities. From camping and paddle boarding to hikes and backyard games, Wild Berry was crafted to enhance those summer moments. A nod to celebrating a universal fruit favorite and the joy of summertime adventure.

Photo of Wild Berry

Ingredients & Nutrition

Raw kombucha, Blackberries, Apples, Lemons, Sage, Yeast

  • Serving Size: 12oz
  • Calories: 180
  • Total Fat: 0
  • Sodium: 25mg
  • Total Carbohydrates: 7g
  • Total Sugars: 4g
Our 2022 Summer Seasonal is a celebration of an easy, carefree summer. The inspiration for this release came from the iconic wild summer berry, the blackberry. Just the thought of blackberries transports us to summer camp- the sun shining, a creek flowing, barefoot, and plucking this seasonal gem straight from the bush. This flavor is a reminder to channel your inner child and embrace your summer break as you used to.

Blackberries are the perfect canvas to tell our seasonal story because some berries are incredibly sweet, others are beautifully sour, and each berry has a bit of underlying earthiness. With the creation of this flavor, our R&D team knew we needed to find a balance when it came to the sweetness of the berry which is where the introduction to lemon came about; a classic summer pairing.