You’ve partied with us. We’ve met all of your friends. But did you know we’re just as good a companion for curling up on the couch with a good book?  In a world filled with digital everything, the fulfillment of reading, learning, and importance of literacy shouldn’t be overlooked.

In honor of our 100th batch and special release flavor, Carrot + Vanilla + Pear, we have decided to donate all of our profits(drink up!) to Words Alive. A San Diego based non-profit, Words Alive provides essential literacy services to underserved students and families.

Here are a few promising statistics from their Family Literacy & Parent Engagement Program:

-29% increase in the positive literacy behaviors in the home environment following the literacy workshops
-44% increase in children’s requests to be read to
-45% increase in parent awareness of the importance of reading to their child

As a result of our donation, we expect to benefit at least 3 schools (approximately 75 families) with the 7 week parent-child workshops. Each week the families attend classes to learn how to support early literacy development in the home. The families receive a book every week to add to their home library and at the end of the program each preschooler receives a kindergarten readiness backpack full of school supplies and more books. These schools are a part of the Diamond Neighborhood in San Diego, a high need area where families do not have access to many community resources.

If you’d like to help, you can:

Rush out and find you some Carrot + Vanilla + Pear to drink (We know, twist your arm…)
Donate to Words Alive via
Continue to drink Boochcraft so we can continue to donate to amazing programs like Words Alive!